The Ministry of Winds

Quest title: The Ministry of Winds
Level Spread: 3-6
Duration: 4+ hours
Type: Dungeon Crawl

Rodur OgreCrusher, Dwarf, Warblade 6
Reid, Human, Rogue 1/Swashbuckler 3 (4th)
Silarus, half-elf, Sorcerer 2/Cloistered Cleric 1, (3rd)
Zylos, Human, Level 5 Fighter
Saera, human, rogue/cleric (3rd)
Gram Chandler, Mouseling Lvl 1 Rogue, Lvl 4 Paladin (5th)

5,000 Gold (833 gold for each of them)
One magic or mundane item of equal or lesser of player Magic Item Limitation.

Level 3: 900
Level 4: 800
Level 5: 750
Level 6: 600


Xill Researcher: CR5 (Diplomatically passed)
Large Zombie Mob: CR5


Hired to investigate the whereabouts of one of the academy students, the party finds that he was sent with an archeological team to investigate a mysterious object; a huge obelisk within the mountain. The winds in generated caused havoc for the party and all of them were sucked into the thing, learning after a couple of encounters that they were inside an old magic school that had drifted from the astral plane back into the material. Narev, who was found alive and well, was simply trying to repair it so it could be sent back before unsavory folks got their hands on it. The mission was successful, even though they almost met a very nasty end.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien