The Mountain Shudders

DM Name: Darkmask


Roka: Level 10 Foxkin Deepwood Sniper
Hussam Arbouqa: Level 10 Human Master Specialist
Eve White: Level 12 Changeling Mage of the Arcane Order
Serenity: Level 9 Human Psion
Kael: Level 12 Beastfolk Wolf Radiant Servant
Seren: Level 12 Human Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil


1) Camouflaged Pit Trap, CR 3
2) Reverse Gravity Trap, CR 7
3) Fireball Trap, CR 5
4) Dragonwrought Kobold, 8th Level Scout, CR 8
5) Dragonwrought Kobold, 8th Level Scout, CR 8
6) Dragonwrought Kobold, 8th Level Scout, CR 8
7) Dragonwrought Kobold, 8th Level Scout, CR 8
8) Half-White Dragon Kobold, 7th Level Crusader, CR 10
9) Dragon-Graft Kobold, 9th Level Rogue/1st Level Swordsage (Reduced), CR 10
10) Draconic Kobold, 9th Level Barbarian/1st Level Frenzied Berserker (Enlarged), CR 10
11) Dragonwrought Kobold, 6th Level Cleric/4th Level Dracolyte, CR 10
12) Draconic Bloodline Kobold, 9th Level Battle Sorcerer/1st Level Elemental Savant, CR 10
13) Wyrmling Prismatic Dragon, CR 14


Roka: 5802 EXP
Hussam: 5802 EXP
Eve: 3496 EXP
Serenity: 7669 EXP
Kael: 3496 EXP
Seren: 3496 EXP


Roka: 20,000 Gold
Hussam: 12,000 Gold and an Amulet of Health +4
Eve: 6750 Gold, a pair of Goggles of Foefinding, a Mirror of Time Hop, and a Desperation Chain
Serenity: 3300 Gold, an Anklet of Translocation, a pair of Gloves of Dexterity +4, and a Headband of Intellect +4
Kael: 20,000 Gold
Seren: 20,000 Gold

The following items were also found on the fallen Kobolds and in the Dragon's Hoard, for any item you claim, it will cost that much of you're treasure in gold. Items are only in limited supply, so they are first come, first serve. Please post in discussion which items you claim, if you do not want any of the items, please also say so in the dicussion:

Goggles of Foefinding (1250 GP) (2 of them)
Anklet of Translocation (700 GP) (2 of them)
Plated Leather +2 (3075 GP) (3 of them)
Longbow +1 (1212 GP) (3 of them)
Beast Claws (4805 gp)
Belt of Giant Strength +4 (8000 gp)
Adamantine Double Plate +1 (9825 gp)
Shirt of the Leech (4000 gp)
Bracers of Armor +5 (12,500 gp)
Returning Dagger +1 (4176 gp)
Weapon Crystal of Life Drinking, Greater (3000 gp)
Shalik Plate +1 (6575 gp)
Keen Falchion +1 (4212 gp)
Periapt of Wisdom +4 (8000 gp)
Light Crossbow +1 (1192 gp)
Arrow Catching Heavy Steel Shield +1 (2085 gp)
Breastplate +4 (8175 gp)
Cloak of Charisma +4 (8000 gp)
Ring of Mystic Fire (3750 gp)
Mithril Rigid Breastplate +2 (6575 gp)
Eternal Wand of Scorching Ray (2210 gp)
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone (10,000 GP)
Medallion of Thoughts (6000 GP)
Beholder Crown (10,000 GP)

Quest Summary:

The clergyman of the Temple of Bahamut has had a troubling vision in his dreams, where the mountain itself shudders, the dragonspawn will unleash a light that will threaten all of Therafim. Although he knows not how a mountain could shudder, nor what the source of the devastating light is, he feels obliged to heed this vision as a warning, and calls upon a group of adventurers to stop whatever this light is. A few months ago there had been incidents with 'dragonspawns' in the form of dragonwrought and half-dragon kobolds, so that may be a place to start. Given directions they were sent off to investigate.

Upon reaching the site, they notices a pillar of hot air current escape from atop a nearby mountain, making the mountain itself "shudder" from the heatwaves making the air shudder around it. Moving towards it, and after Roka climbed out of a pit trap she fell into, they came across the first line of defense in the form of several winged kobold scouts with poisoned arrows, although with smart use of spells, they proved little threat. Pressing on they came across a party of five draconically endowed kobolds, and this encounter was not as easy as the first, from their sly and sneaky rogue grafted with dragon parts, to their leader the half-white dragon himself, it was a difficult fight, but true to kobold fashion, as the tide turned against them their leader was quick to flee into the mountain, spouting that it was too late to stop the 'boon' that Tiamat herself had provided them.

Unable to leave things as they are, they followed through the trap-infested cavern, before coming upon the boon itself, a huge egg that housed a legendary epic dragon! The half-dragon made himself known as the dragon hatched, but a quick arrow to fell the half-dragon alarmed the newly born wyrmling, and it attacked, showing its power in full against the adventurers who had startled it! The half-dragon went down early in the fight, but the match against the epic dragon proved much more difficult, and in a blinding flash of violet light, Roka and Hussam were suddenly gone, banished from the mortal realm through the dragon's powerful but random breath. In the end, weakened, exhausted, and injured, the dragon collapses to the ground and starts to cry, only born for a few minutes it doesn't know what's happening and mourns its fate. Despite the loss of two of their own, the party takes pity on the prismatic dragon, realizing he is just a baby, and Seren offers to take him to the Ark, where he will be safe from those who would wish to abuse his powers.

The threat of the terrible light appears to have been calmed … but what of Roka and Hussam?