The Mysterie Of Darke Cultes

The Mysterie of Darke Cultes, a Treatise by Tammuz Talwar-Kadath


Throughout the ages there have been mysterious cults. These are not organized religion as the common man is accustomed to. I make the following distinctions between the cult and any organized religion or worship. The cult is:

Close knit- Their membership is likely to know one another well outside of their worship. It is not uncommon for members to be related by blood, bonds of marriage, place of employment, fraternity or some other form of organization. There is little privacy amongst those in a cult, and members are encouraged to tell each other everything about themselves and their mundane lives. This serves the purpose of bringing the group closer together, while simultaneously alienating them from non members and providing material for blackmail to ensure no one betrays the group or tries to leave easily.

Underground- Their worship is hidden, and never out in the open. Secrecy is of the utmost importance, for being discovered by mass society would likely lead to them being driven out of the city in which they have taken root. In smaller villages however, it may be easy for a cult to assimilate the entirety of the population such that it is hidden only from outsiders.


Little- Their order in any one area is few, cults are most always small as to grow large would threaten their secrecy. However, while an individual sect may be tiny in comparison to the overall population of a city, the cult may be widespread. When a sect begins to grow too large, members will travel to other cities or villages and establish a chapter or sect there. In this way a cult is not easily extinguished, being difficult to find and decentralized.

Totalitarian- Their rule is strict, and merciless. All power within a sect belongs to a select few or sometimes a single high priest or priestess. Their hierarchy is simple; there are those who embody power and the countless numbers who hunger for it. The select are the chosen of their ‘god’, and often speak directly for them, or have the privilege to converse with its otherworldly messengers. Those who are not among the leadership are made to bow their heads, and constantly reminded of how unworthy they are in comparison to the prestige of their honored, esteemed, and chosen high priests or priestesses.


Unholy- Their rites, worship, and all of their customs are utterly vile. They are nothing less than evil, and any benevolence or ‘good’ that seemingly results from their acts is always outweighed by a horrible price and achieved only at the expense of many lives, or committed only to draw others into their fold.

Sacrificial- The primary goal of any cult is to feed their lord through sacrifice. The secondary goal is to drain strength from the numbers of established religions, until they weaken and crumble. Their tertiary goal is to transform the natural world and society into a form more suitable, and more to the liking of their lord. While the first two are always accomplished by the cultists themselves, the latter is usually furthered along by the agents they call or summon into our world. An evil deity may demand sacrifice during times of displeasure or to prove loyalty, but the undivine lords venerated by cults are positively hungry for them.

Those Who Seek Worshipers

Who are these beings then that cults worship? More often than not they are Fiends, but sometimes also aberrant beings, things which should not be. In either case, the beings in question desire worship and sacrifices from mortals, and for their sick ideals and vile values to be spread throughout. These non-deity beings oppose the current gods of our world, and vie for power to take a position in the current pantheon or to establish one of their own. These beings do not value their cultists any more than pieces to captured in a supernatural game where souls, eternal aspects are lost and won, and sometimes destroyed.


Those Who Seek Worship

Who would worship such vile things? Who would choose such a destructive path? Cults look to the downtrodden, the weak and the helpless to draw membership. When all other sources of refuge have refused or abandoned a common man, be he good or be he evil, the cult seeks him out as a convert or else makes itself visible to him as an alternative. For them this alternative path looks attractive; it offers might , riches beyond wildest dream, and the carnal satisfaction of warm and soft bodies, sweet caresses and exquisite pleasures. Most of all, it is easy in comparison to other paths. Whereas other ways might demand personal restraint, the dark cult demands indulgence; Whereas other ways order the construction great works, the cult orders the destruction of works; Whereas other ways will the consecration of sites, the cult wills the desecration of those sites; Whereas other ways command the preservation of lives, the cult commands wanton murder, especially of the weak and those incapable of defending themselves. It is always easier to kneel , than stand up for what one truly believes in, and ever easier to obey than reason for ones self.


Those the cultist would call ‘lord’, do reward some of their followers , but only the most wicked, the most vile, the most depraved, the most violent, and the most insane. It is the cultists hope that with faithful service their lord will lavish their affections upon them, and the high priest or priestesses hope that if they fall to even greater depths, that they might defeat any competition and maintain their lord’s favor. There is in fact a kind of love, a bond between cult and lord and indeed between cultic brother or sister, but it is a selfish love. The kind that seeks and fosters the evil and not the good in one another, and defies all reason, and consumes all leaving everyone gnawed and wasted.

The Value of Sacrifice

Sacrifice. All religions in some form or another, on some date of observance or another, call for offerings. What is the value of sacrifice? Sacrifice, the willful giving up of something valued, is the greatest sign of devotion. To most people sacrifice is a symbolic act, but for divinity sacrifice like worship and veneration is a very real, and concrete thing. Those ‘gods’ who have no worshippers and no offerings are not gods at all. And one may notice those with the most worshippers are the most powerful. But is this because they are powerful ,or did they become powerful because they have become so widely venerated? The truth is not entirely known, but some scholars do believe that the immortals do gain something from their veneration, and that Fiendish lords seek worship and sacrifice through their cults to gain the same kind of power the gods have.


Some say there is no greater sacrifice than blood. Indeed, blood is the most tangible form of a living beings life force. The gods ask for blood some say, because they have no blood. Some religions believe that the gods that made the various life forms of our world spent all or most of their divine blood in their creation, and so in sacrifice one is paying them back. Typically blood sacrifices might come from that of a dove, a cock, a calf, a goat, a lamb or some other animal. Sometimes, sacrifice may come in the form of self sacrifice, small offerings of ones own life force through blood letting. The sacrifice of the cult may take many ritual forms, but it is always that of a sapient being, one capable of emotion and higher thought. There is a belief among the cults that such sacrifice has greater value, but amongst most there is the belief that sacrifice of such is foul and unholy. The sacrifice of sapient beings often involves long and elaborate rites, and the death of the sacrificial victim is rarely quick. It is most often preceded by lengthy torture of some form, before a slow painful, and violent execution is administered. It was not long ago that I and some colleagues put a stop to a corrupted treant, what I understand to be a ‘forrestrati’ from continuing to capture villagers and sacrifice them by skinning them alive. The sacrificed were left to rot upon a simple altar of stone in a natural cathedral of trees and twisted branches. I do also recall the cult to which my own mother belonged before I was born; while I was still in her womb nine were snatched, and bound to be slowly starved to death. Thankfully it was by her hand that writ warning was sent to authorities, and the nine rescued before they met their end. I do not personally know what prompted this change in her heart, or what caused the schism in their order, but I am grateful that it did.

The lords of these cults feed on the suffering of sacrificial victims, they draw strength from their anguish, their pain, and their misery. These negative emotions make a lasting mark on the place of sacrifice and may result in the birth of shades, wraiths, or other spectral undead. Frequently the corpses of the sacrificed are made into corporeal undead, which serve the cults needs. I understand that in the case of the nameless cult that once called my mother, amongst others,’ High Priestess’ it was the cults intention to make the starved and dehydrated into mummies. In addition, raising of large numbers of undead within a short span of time and in the same place invites excess negative energy into our world. These places of high concentrations of dark energy may begin to exhibit various symptoms of supernatural corruption. Those who visit or happen upon these places may have nightmares or even develop serious psychological disorders. Just being in such a place often gives one a ‘bad’ feeling that raises the hairs of the back of the neck, and one may feel an unexplained abyssal chill. The land around such places may become blighted, growing only ghastly pale grass or weeds, or becoming barren altogether; in other cases there may be unexplained outbreaks of disease or befouling of water. What disturbs me deeply, is that I feel right in such places, or perhaps more accurately in similar places. The slums, the forgotten cemeteries, the gallows, and the like. It is there that the I feel the pulse of something I do not understand. Even standing before the altar in the wood with the skinned man, albeit it smelled afoul, it did not disturb me at all which is disquieting to some people in and of itself. I suppose I have simply delved into the unknown, and investigated so much, that I have mastered and indeed savor my fear.

It should be noted that blood is not the only sacrifice offered by cults. There are some cults who offer items, not mere gold but items that represent the cults dark ideals. These may include things such as the handkerchief of an adulterous wife which a cultist seduced, or the wedding ring of a wealthy man blackmailed for an affair. What the fiendish or aberrant lords enjoy most is the sacrifice of the soul. Those offered in sapient sacrifice always die innocent, and the loss of innocence in the world is something they savor. More than just the death of such, they enjoy corruption. In sapient sacrifice, the offering is not just the condemned, but the soul of those who make the offering. When one makes a sapient sacrifice, one loses some of one’s soul, with each offering and each vile act one becomes ever more corrupt until one totally loses one’s self and ones personality. The cultist becomes a complete monster in spirit, a burnt out husk spiritually –and when one corrupts another, they too lose apart of themselves.

Chapter I-Six Among Men

There are innumerable cults in this world, as the influence of fiends and aberrant things have seeped into mortal life since they have been aware of true gods. To attempt to catalogue all forms of vile worship and black ritual, to list all names to which baleful utterances have been made would be the ultimate lesson in futility. Instead of discussing all sects, here I attempt to describe the greater cults to which they belong. Furthermore, I will touch on only those with a significant following amongst men. Indeed, there are cults among all races and some of those to follow may in fact also be amongst dwarves, elves, or even orcs and others. In no way however is this list complete, for I have selected only a handful whose worship I believe to be wider spread and better documented, while omitting the multitude of those I consider too obscure or too little well known. I shall address The Cult of The Bull, The Cult of Dagon, The Cult of Hedonism, The Cult of Corruption, The Cult of The Deceiver, and The Cult of The Dark Prince. In each entry I shall summarize what is known in the following terms:

Membership – WHERE can members be found and what types of people are targeted as potential initiates to the cult?

Trappings –WHAT are the signs of this cult’s activities, how can one recognize them? What symbols or ritual items do they use in their worship? How do they worship? How do they recognize one another?

The Venerated –WHOM or in some cases more fittingly, what is venerated as the cults Lord? What may seem at first two different cults to the untrained eye, may in fact be two different sects of the same cult. Aberrant or fiendish lords may reveal themselves to many groups of people, and while the names given may be different, there will be recognizable signs that will indicate that the two groups in fact worship the same being.

Cult of The Bull

The Cult of The Bull is a widespread one, who has left marks all over the world. Those who live a nomadic life, following herds of bovine animals or those from pastoral cultures in which dairy farming is significant are commonly among membership. However, its membership is not restricted to rural influence. Within cities the cult has also drawn membership from those who are soldiers or would call themselves mercenaries. Amongst some soldiers , I have seen marks or signs that trouble me. It should also be mentioned, that forms of this cult can be found amongst Minotaurs who do not worship Taurus. Cultists will sometimes approach the desperate, and those been wronged by local government, and offer the vengeance of a ‘nature god’ in exchange for membership and service.


The bull as an animal is a potent symbol, a symbol of fertility, life, abundance, strength, and power. Amongst some ancient cultures, the bull became a central theme. Rituals have been known to include golden or bronze statuettes of bulls or bull heads, and the bull is present in all of their iconography. In the more savage lands, bull skulls may be worn masks, whereas in more civil cultures a bronze or gold crown or circlet that features horns may be worn. Some sects may sacrifice livestock, but others regard the animal as so sacred that they may not partake of its flesh, and are wholly vegetarian- this does not stop them from sacrificing sapient beings. Sacrifice is always performed by decapitation, and priests that would divine their lord’s advice, listen at the mouth of the sacrificed. Usually this concerns how best to punish oppressors, or perceived oppressors. Members may recognize each other by rings or jewelry with bull motifs, and may greet with a specific sign- it is formed with the left hand by bringing down the ring and middle fingers, over which the thumb is folded. Members are often very athletic, and may even perform feats of strength and dexterity during cult festivals such as leaping over the backs of charging bulls.

The names Moloch, Gugalana, and Mithras ( Mithraism) are among the names associated with similar worship, and sometimes The Redeemer. All of them are tied to the Prince of Beasts who is also called Baphomet. The preferred weapons of his cultists are the glaive, ranseur, and the bardiche.

Cult Creed: Instinct and cunning are greater than reason, feel dont think.
There's a beast in all of us, we should let it run free.
People would live better under anarchy, rebel or run before its too late.

Cult of Dagon

The membership of this cult can potentially be found anywhere where the sea meets the land, be it a coast, and certainly an island. Anywhere people chiefly depend on the sea for their livelihood, might be a source of recruits for the Cult of Dagon- albeit, very rare sects have cropped up around swamps , rivers, or lakes. Most sailors know nothing of the name. The following is stronger amongst brigands and pirates anywhere; knowing themselves too be too foul, too depraved , too perverse to be saved by a good deity in a storm, some call to Dagon for salvation. It should go without saying that the cult has some following among the corrupted of various aquatic races.


Their lord has some influence over the seas, and in times of poor fishing may offer increased abundance. Prime targets are island communities as they are isolated enough that a cult could establish a large following without being discovered by mass society, and small enough that it’s easy for a cult to assimilate the population. Sometimes however, the cult appeals to greed. Fiendish Sahuagin often serve as high priests, and they or lesser acolytes may ‘bless’ island communities or pirate havens with gifts gold. These blessings usually come in the form of bizarre jewelry as opposed to coins. The designs of these ornaments is very distinct and very unusual, you will likely know it when you see it. Anyone wearing them or in possession of them is likely to be a cultist. If they are not, they will most certainly be approached by someone or something that is. Outside of the cult there are no examples of this jewelry. Be warned- if you buy it, you will either become one of them or it will find its way out of your hands, disappearing through mysterious ‘theft’ or loss.

Sapient sacrifice is performed, most always by drowning. Pirates who belong to the cult will offer sacrifice of captives in the form of forcing them to ‘walk the plank’, or sometimes sink a merchant vessel, leaving the crew and all its wealth to the depths. One knows they are beset by cultists of Dagon should they hear cries of either “Ia! Ia! Dagon!” or “Ia! Ia! Y'ha-nthlei!” The latter refers to an underwater city of the same name or sometimes referred to in literature as “Many Columned” or “Cyclopean Columned Y'ha-nthlei”. The city is said to have been built by and be inhabited by various aquatic races of fiendish blood, and from there one might gain access to the lower realms where their lord resides. Seekers of forbidden lore and knowledge, such as wizards and scholars, may become members of the cult- albeit, their worship is often solitary. Calling to their lord through arcane means such as the spell Contact Other Plane, they probe him for solutions to mysteries of the universe. Often have I wondered what they learn, but even more so have I wondered what they pay.

Dagon is a fiend amongst the worst kind- those called ‘Obyrith’. These are the eldest of all fiends, those who were born at the dawn of time from the primordial chaos from which the universe emerged. They are so foul in appearance it is said, that men who see the countenance of them or their avatars go mad, and that even gods avert their eyes for the sight is so sickening. His cultists often brandish an unholy symbol in the form of six spiraling tenacles around a fanged circular mouth. The preferred weapon of his cultists is the long spear.

Cult Creed: All men like beasts of the sea, are free, not be contained or restrained by anyone.

They are free to have whatever or however much they can hold onto, and so too are they free to steal, pillage, and claim what they will.

If they are to live amongst one another, under leader, then let decisions made for all be decided by vote, let every soul have a say.

Cult of Hedonism

The Cult of Hedonism may draw members from anywhere where lust, gluttony, or mindless self indulgence is prevalent. The upper class with their vast disposable income to spend on dainty foods, expensive wine, extravagant parties, and pleasure slaves is a primary target. Cultists often go to various social gatherings to seduce potential converts. The lower classes are not entirely safe either, as cultists may be present at public festivals as well. Not all of their order is human, succubi and incubi, as well as Dybbuk walk amongst them.

The cult often uses “gentlemen’s” clubs, burlesque houses, and the like as fronts to raise funds. Lengthy orgies of truly gross depravity are more often than not a part of their rites. On the surface , to the musing man such a life might actually sound appealing. What the cult offers is a fool’s paradise. You wish to drink, but are you prepared to drink until the wine becomes poison? You wish to dine, but are you ready to feast until entrails burst, or in the long term until ones flesh becomes morbidly and disgustingly bloated and one’s heart finally gives out? You wish to make love, but are you willing to do so with beast, with babe, with butchered bodies, and in filth, in blood, and in bile? The cults practices and lifestyle pervert normal human desires by taking them to unthinkable extremes. The path never begins that way-that is how one is seduced, but indeed such vile things await at the end of the road , that is the sole destination. All those who join the cult die young, an early grave awaits all-and along the way members are sure to take many with them, usually slaves, but sometimes also friends, family, and innocent people.


The cults followers are forever dissatisfied, and always seeking new experiences. The mundane will please at first, but quickly grow old, and soon one will desire more intense sensations and more frequently. Eventually, all normal or reasonable experiences or activities will seem pale in comparison to such depraved acts as I have described which I regard as acts of masochism, but also sadism in the form of sacrifice through rape, torture, murder, and sometimes cannibalism. Cultists as seen by the public are always young, good looking people; as they become more depraved and more hideous they retreat from public to their villas and private gatherings. The easiest way to identify cultists is by their behavior, which will make even the most liberal blush, and the most daring gawk at their recklessness. They may seem like normal revelers at first, but careful observation will show signs that they are quite mad.

The master of this cult is in reality a mistress, Queen of Ruin, Black Luster, St. Sinner, and Heart Bender. She is in fact The Queen of Succubi also called Malcanthet. The preferred weapons of her cultists are the whip and the scourge. It is said that her debauchery is legend in the lower planes, having had trysts and dalliances with every demon lord, and sired many dark champions.

Cult Creed: Living pleasurably is more important than living safely.
Laws are designed to keep people from their desires.
People would be happy if they followed their impulses.

Cult of Corruption

The cult of corruption draws its membership from only those of the highest morality. They set their sights on paladins, priests, and indeed anyone who is pure, and free of iniquity. Indeed, most cults would see those who are already corrupt as easy targets and tools, but this cult desires not to merely gain, but to take away. To steal innocence from the world. Cultists gain an illicit thrill and perverse satisfaction from seeing those who are virtuous slowly become vile and unrecognizable to their friends and family.

A symbol frequently employed by the cult is that of a twisted bird talon, which is rarely found alone, but instead often incorporated into existing heraldry. A sect often starts with a single individual who is approached by an avatar or servitor of the cult’s lord in a time of great desperation. They then tell them a secret means of summoning the lord himself. This method is remarkably simple but I shall refrain from describing it here, for if I did then I would have become a tool for the cult without ever worshipping their dark lord at all. Perhaps I say too much even just by writing that such a method exists, as it might inspire some fool to learn how to call upon him. In any case, the chances that the lord shall appear before one is highly dependent on ones purity, and intentions. By using the ritual one reveals ones heart and mind to the lord. One must not merely perform the ritual, anyone could say the words out of curiosity or to tempt fate-instead one must mean it. It is desire not lips and tongues that summon him. If the lord arrives he shall grant one a Wish, and it is said he can do so as often as once each day.


A Wish, how easy it is to misuse such a powerful spell even with the best intentions. The very first time a Wish is granted, the lord goes to great lengths ensure that no evil comes of it, whereas the ones to follow will inevitably bring great suffering, though never to the wisher. The first time’s free, as it often is with those who would seek to make the mind of the free into that of an addict. With each additional Wish, the victim is corrupted, supernaturally. The morality and honor built up over years or decades is simply undone. However, they are not entirely corrupted in a single wish. Truth be told, the lord savors their loss a small portion at a time and enjoys the rape of their soul thoroughly. It is said that even the most innocent cannot last through more than four such violations before they become utterly corrupt so as to be beyond redemption. In such a state paladins and priests will have long since lost their divine powers. However, cementing their allegiance to him he offers them the chance to become a part of his Black Guard, a champion of darkness as paladins are champions of light. A member of his cult for life, they are to go out into the world and use the resources he has given them to corrupt others as best they can- to bribe, to seduce, and to tempt until all the light in the world is gone. Though he has the power to do so, he absolutely refuses to grant the wishes of those who are already corrupt, and may punish or kill those who are and dare to summon him.

One sign that marks those as his cultists are those who abruptly rise to wealth or power from relative or total obscurity-however that does not mean he does not have the patience for schemes that may take many generations to come to fruition. What may begin as the vice of a commoner is the seed that will grow. While the diabolic cults may be known as the puppeteers behind many tyrants, one can in fact trace the lineage of many sadistic warlords as well as psychotic killers back to a depravity planted by the cult. Those fools seduced by him beware! Know this Abyss-Bound souls: He will come for you. For when the wicked fruits of his vineyard wither and he finds no further use in you, he shall appear one last time. Perhaps on your deathbed or perhaps just as you slip into unconsciousness from grievious wounds. He shall pluck out your eyes and the last thing you see alive will be the true cruelty of your patron. The next thing you see, and for all eternity shall be whatever he lays his gaze on, as you look from behind his eyes.

Few know the truth.

A few that know are true believers, and look forward to it. Many others go mad from the revelation. Most do not know at all, until it is already too late.

The titles Wish Master, Winged Corrupter, Lord Raptor, and Tempter with The Twisted Talon are all associated with the lord over this cult. The lord is more formally known as Prince of the Lower Aerial Realms or simply Pazuzu. The preferred weapon of his cultists is the great or two-handed sword . It is said that he was or still is a lover of Malcanthet; indeed, the way their cults twist desire is very similar. Pazuzu claims dominion over all the sky in the abyssal realms, and can command all things that fly.

Cult Creed: People are fettered by their mores, slaves of the gods.
One who has no limitations on their thoughts is unlimited, and all powerful.
Shatter the bars and rays of Light that keep you prisoner. Escape! Then help others flee into The Night.

Cult of the Deceiver

Liars, thieves, con men, illusionists, and all those that would seek to gain through deception and guile are those that the Cult of Deception seeks to add to their ranks. In truth, many join without knowing who they’re really working for.


The Cult of the Deceiver is a cult of the worst kind of masquerade. Only the Cult of Corruption is as, or is perhaps more dangerous. They disguise themselves as followers of every church and temple and infiltrate every order, usually with the intent of placing their members at the heads of the organization. Other times they may come into a village or a city with the intent of ministering to the people, only to gain their trust and take advantage of them. Those who would think to join them must be wary, for the cultists have no morals and would readily betray any they see as weak or gullible and make them a sacrifice for their lord. Indeed, all those who are sacrificed must have been captured through deception, or tricked into sacrificing themselves by their lords decree. Lilitu and Glabrezu, demons who are notorious liars are servitors of the cult lord and sometimes work with his cult or are employed by its members. Lilitu are demons who will infiltrate religious orders under the guise of priestesses, only to corrupt the church from within. Glabrezu are powerful demons who grant mortal Wishes for power and wealth, only to corrupt the wish so as to lead to the wisher’s downfall, lest the mortal wishes for something horrifying.

Known by the names Cruel Deceiver, Moon Bender, and Red Eyed Illusionist, he is also called The Prince of Deception, or more formally Fraz-Urb’Luu. It is said that he is deeply hated by the demon lords, because he has deceived them all before and was even imprisoned for some time because of it. He seeks a powerful magical artifact that they stole from him. The greatest deception of all is perhaps not reserved for the victims of his cult, but the cultists themselves. In truth, Fraz-Urb’Luu has deep, deep hatred of all mortals-in fact, the very mortal fools who freed him from his imprisonment received no reward at all, but instead a punishment of the worst kind. Those who are of his cult are but tools for him, although that much probably is true of all cultists everywhere; what makes him worse is the fact that they are all destined to be destroyed by his own hand.

Cult Creed: We are all liars, to decieve is the nature of all beings -the denial of this is the greatest deception of all.

Never tell all you know, tell only what others need to know, to act in your favor-If you think everyone isnt decieving you, you're a fool.

By deception you gain control, and power; one who is without control is at the mercy of fate, and without power is helpless.

-Cult of The Dark Prince

The Cult of The Dark Prince has a strong following among Lamia, half women half beast creatures, and some other all female monstrous races. The following among other races is particularly small. In any case, the overwhelming majority of their priests are female, and high priests are always female. Sorcerers and Wizards who seek forbidden knowledge may worship him solitarily, seeking to discover the many secrets the Dark Prince is said to hold by using the spell Contact Other Plane or by meeting with his priests.

The worshippers of this cult, not unlike those of The Cult of Hedonism are highly sexual, and orgiastic rites are not uncommon. The majority of the cults clergy are female, and it is said that some of their high priestesses have born the half fiend children of their lord. Their temples are dark, secluded places, and their garb and architecture feature bizarre contrasts and mismatches, a representation of their chaotic nature.


Sapient sacrifice is performed annually and most always that of the purest, such as paladins and clerics; they are usually sacrificed by slitting the throat with a sword. They are rarely simply captured, but far more often are seduced. The cultists may even aid the victim to be in missions in the name of their deities. Along the way, they try to convince the victim that their faith is a lie. When the victim denies their faith, and joins the cult, they are betrayed. Only the Cult of Deception performs more vile acts of betrayal and more often, and only because that in itself is their reason for being. Failing to acquire a sacrifice requires that the cultists perform a painful ritual of atonement, which involves fasting while being bound by spiked chains for a number of days or weeks until their lord answers their prayers. If they are still alive, their lord will send forth an emissary who then gives deep kisses infused with horrible acid that destroy the mouth, throat, and insides. This is usually performed by a half fiend, but sometimes a Succubus instead, which devours pieces of their soul with each kiss.

The lord of this cult has many titles; Duke of The Chosen, Baron of Spies & Traitors, Patron of Succubi & Lamia, King of The Harpies, and Black Eye of Knowledge are among them. He is more formally known as Graz’zt, The Dark Prince. It is said that he controls more territory of the lower realms than any demon lord, and is at war with the other demon lords, and wants nothing less than total conquest of the underworld. The favored weapon of his cultists is the bastard sword. He more than any other craves the title of Prince of Demons. Graz’zt, perhaps more than any other other demon lords, has an interest in our world. Often has he traded favors or bargained with mortals, and has made many dark deals with those who would seek to become tyrants, dictators, and despots. If Orc_s or Demogorgan's cult has infiltrated any governorship it is sure that Graz’zt’s cult has as well. His cults foundation however lies offworld within the Grand Shrine within his capital city of Zelatar, where mortals may make pilgrimage if it is within their power. At the head of the cult, but below Graz'zt himself is Lavendeth who is also his most favored consort. She resides within the Chosen's Tabernacle, a cathedral in Graz'zts middle realm Gallanghast.

Cult Creed: Do as thou wilt and without regret.
But do, for ennui is a slow suicide.
Do it well and with the best of cruel intentions.

Chapter II- Five Around The World

Previously I addressed cults that were notably widespread, whose sects could potentially be hidden anywhere. Now I address those cults who have a significant presence only in particular regions of the known world. However, it should be noted that this by no means implies they are only found in these places. I will describe them in similar terms of Membership, Trappings, and Venerated as before.

Cults of Cho-Lin Empire

-The Esoteric Order of the Five Elements

Alchemists, Elementalist wizards or sorcerers, philosophers, and martial artists of the Orient or more formally The Eastern Empire may be among the membership of this cult. These people are not attracted to the cult by power or love of destruction, but by a desire to learn and study…but that which is taught inevitably leads them to live by a philosophy of evil.

In the east there is a concept of five elements; these are Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood. It is similar to the elemental studies of the Hellenic peoples, but does not include Air amongst them, and has the additions of Wood and Metal. These five elements are conceived of as having two cycles in the natural world, a Creation Cycle and a Destruction Cycle which are as follows:

Creation -Wood feeds Fire; Fire creates Earth (ash); Earth bears Metal; Metal carries Water (as in a bucket or tap); Water nourishes Wood

Destruction - Wood eats Earth (plants draw nutrients from soil) ;Earth absorbs Water; Water quenches Fire; Fire melts Metal; Metal chops Wood.

These five elements and their cycles are frequently used in eastern philosophy, martial art, alchemy, and magical practice as a mnemonic. Because the cycles flow in a particular order one can take any process with five steps, be they patterns of thought, physical movements, alchemical transformations, or anything else, and then pair each natural element with one of those steps.

This cult is a perversion of this elegant and beautiful concept. The cult focuses only on the Destruction Cycle, and attempts to apply it to all aspects of life. They view the entire universe and all things as decaying, and that any creation or generation is merely an illusion. It has been written by their scholars that "… the very process of construction and creation foreshadow destruction and decay. The palace of today is tomorrow's ruin, the maiden of the morning is the crone of the night, and the hope of a moment is but the foundation stone of everlasting regret." They believe that all things are breaking down, devolving into simpler and simpler forms, and that decay is the true nature of the universe. Ultimately, everything will return to the original state of unorganized nothingness, the very ‘raw stuff of Chaos’ from which the world came.

That said, they are in fact against life, prosperity, and well being and actively work to hasten the process of social, moral, and physical decay. Their wizards use powerful elemental magic to destroy; their alchemists poison, pollute and promote the growth of fungal creatures; and their ninja clans infiltrate governments and disrupt society through their assassinations. Worship is usually solitary and in private, albeit there is rumor of hidden temples dedicated to this cult of elemental evil. Sapient sacrifice is usually performed by submerging or dousing the victims in large amounts of acid. Indeed acid as a type of energy is the very embodiment of decay, rot, and deconstruction. Members wear jewelry and clothing depicting the cycle of the five elements, usually in the form of a pentagram, however this kind of imagery is fairly common in the orient. What one must watch for is the subtle addition of human skulls or fungi in the iconography.

The Mistress of Elements, Queen of Decay, and Lady of Dissolution, are all names associated with the ‘goddess’ over this cult. However, she is properly known as The Lady of Fungi or Zuggtmoy. Most would be hesitant or even be revolted at the thought of worshipping a demonic fungus, and so the true name and nature of the cult’s mistress is withheld from all but those of the inner circle, while the elemental imagery and philosophy is presented to initiates and lower ranking members. The favored weapon of her cultists is the net, the bolas, or other entangling things.

Cult Creed: Growth is an Illusion, all is decay.
The World shall return to raw materials, purest elements.
When the World returns to simplest and most natural form, so shall we be free of the material World and material things.

Cults Among The Desert Kings

-Cult of the Scorpion King


In all places where nomads and wanderers seek succor form the dry, hot, and desolate clime, can the cult be found. Crescent is one such notable region where the Cult of The Scorpion King can be found. The majority of their membership is composed of dark elves, albeit there are some catfolk, dwarves, humans, and races of the underground.

The cult stays away from large settlements, preferring to establish places of worship in catacombs, forgotten tombs, ruined cities, and natural caves-anywhere cool and dark. In these lonely places they can be among the scorpions so sacred to their aphotic faith. Indeed, they hate the sun, with a passion. It is in these arid regions that the unforgiving sun can bring so much misery. Scorpions are a central part of their iconography, and all of their material culture is emblazoned with depictions of such. Scorpions of fiendish blood, as well as all varieties are in their employ. Through a vile language, an ancient and dark speech do they command them or summon them to their aid.

Victims of sapient sacrifice are usually acquired by raiding caravans, and in similar fashion do they acquire their food and supplies. The victims of their sacrificial rituals are usually executed by being thrown into deep pits or dried up wells which have become scorpion nests, leaving them to die from innumerable, excruciating stings. Their members are often skilled in disguise and can blend in with nomads or sand born people anywhere. A tell tale sign however, is the fact that they are vermin friended. Rats, spiders, bats, locusts, scorpions, flies, mosquitoes, centipedes, and all similar crawling things will usually ignore them and even when they don’t-they are not disturbed by them. You may see such creatures crawl over their skin, over the very whites of their eyes, in their nostrils or ears, and even in their food and they will make no attempt to swat them or shoo them away.

The master of this cult is called King of Scorpions and Enemy of The Dawn by his followers, but his high priests know him as Obox-ob, The Prince of Vermin. He like Dagon and Pazuzu, is of the blood of Obyrith. He has followers among non humanoids as well, those with many legged frames who have otherwise been ignored by the deities and seek divine favor. All manner of insect like demons are among his servitors, as are the Daraka, burly demons with ram like heads whose entire body swarms with black scorpions that even crawl in and out of their nose and mouth. The favored weapon of his cultists is the dagger, and always coated in poison.

Cult Creed:Vermin-first to walk the land in primordial times, and shall they be the last in the Endtimes.
Learn from their ways, see how they are free from all the notions of 'civilization'.
One night, shall all things that learned to walk, be made to crawl.

Cults of The Tribelands

-Cult of Wrath

Wherever wind and rime are regular part of the clime, there might reside The Cult of Wrath. Their membership is made up of primarily Frost Giants, but also the more brutal of the human or humanoid tribes. All members have their origins in tribal societies, and they see those who are ‘civilized’ as weak and deserving of annihilation. The majority of them are simply brawlers, but they make use of some magic, usually in the form of sorcery.


The Cult of Wrath follows a doctrine known as the Path of Rage. They hold that anger leads to hatred, and that hatred is the key to power. In their belief the limits of power are the limits ones wrath, and those who think themselves ‘kind kings’ or benevolent rulers are no rulers at all, for they lack hatred. They train their minds to forget all emotions, but that of cold rage. There is no joy in victory, only the anger that there is ever another land, another people to be subdued in sight. There is no sorrow in loss of brothers, sisters, or child, only the rage that fuels ones vengeance. There is no love even for ones mate, only the wrath that there are ever more desirable ones to be taken in sexual conquest. Rank within the cult is determined in savage trials by combat in which there all no rules. The cultists are warmongers who seek to violently dismantle any way of life or thought unlike their own. Cultists offer sacrifice through those they kill in battle, albeit a few are ceremonially beaten to death or stripped naked and bound, only to be left to die swiftly and miserably from exposure.

The high chief over this cult is The King of Rage, The Frozen Lord, St. of Savages, and The Prince of Wrath, Kostchtchie. He regards himself as the god over Frost Giants, and has been said to appear before their tribes, only to slay their leader or Jarl and then lead them into battle with their neighbors. If they are victorious, they are invited to his home, the frozen wastes of the underworld. If they fail, he allows them to die in battle and considers them failures, not ‘true’ giants. His ire is legend, and all the abyssal lords give him respect. Sometimes other creatures of the giant lineage like trolls and Ogres venerate him-he regards other races of giant and more distant giant blood to be lost children. The favored weapon of his cultists are the war hammer and the maul, and ceremonial hammers and iconography of such are always a part of their material culture.

Cult Creed: Wrath, Rage, and Power, all of the trinity are the same, and all should flow freely as blood.
Be sure your enemies remember the pain, yours and theirs alike.
Make them give up some of their sanity to forget, if they manage to survive.

-Cult of The Skulls

Orcs, ogres, giants, and a fair share of black magicians belong to the Cult of The Skulls. There are some liches and vampires as well, albeit they rarely serve willingly, and are more often than not bound into servitude by dark pacts-sometimes the very ones which granted them their immortality. Their membership is made up of plotters and schemers, whose greatest desire is power and control.

The Cult of The Skulls always garbs in deep, blood red with black accents. Skulls are central to their iconography and rites. Their sacrificial victims are always killed in the most bloody way possible, and afterwards their skulls are taken, if they are not made into undead. It is said that their lord sits upon a great throne of skulls, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of his dispatched enemies. His priests are known as Skulls, and high priests as Skull Lords, and a few of exceptional power, Skull Kings or Queens. His cultists do not worship openly except amongst the most evil of cultures. Usually, they hide their temples high in mountains or deep in the wilds, but sometimes too in forgotten crypts.


Worshippers are more visible and better documented in the savage lands than in cities. Sometimes however, they do establish a presence in what would otherwise be a normal, productive, urban society. In that case, they work from behind the scenes in the form of fraternities, brother or sister hoods, and secret societies through which they make connections and insert their members in powerful positions of government or military. They know their own without signs or symbols, and are very good at hiding their membership. Indeed, one must wonder, how many pointless wars have been waged unknowingly in their lords name? I have a hard time believing that any powerful, or successful empire or kingdom in the world could be entirely free of their influence.


The demon lord over this cult is Orc_s, Prince of The Undead. Few know the truth. Orc_s was mortal once, as are we all. Indeed he was a Balor once, and many demons begin as the lowliest manes, who in turn are born from larval souls comsumed by the chaos matter of the abyss. No one but him knows his mortal name, and none live from that age-but it is said he was just as bloated in that form and obese necromancer. It is said he was defeated once in battle, slain by his enemies. However, by some means he rose from the dead, an undead demon. For a time he went by and was worshipped under the name Tenebrous, until he was ready to make his big move. At that point he gained enough power to ascend to godhood-but he did not desire to be a god as Tenbrous and so he gave it all up in order to transfigure into his original form and take his old name as his true name. He began a new campaign to rise to godhood again and rule under the name Orc_s. The favored weapon of his cultists is the mace, or in the case of mages the scepter. It is said his name ought never to be uttered, for each time it is done so, he becomes aware of who said it and focuses his attention on one. This invites ill fortune, and grim fates, lest one is of his cult, and performing ritual. Simply the thought of writing it in full makes me uneasy, and so I have omitted a vowel. Perhaps I should not have written it at all, for you reader, undoubtably turn the limited pronunciations over in your mind by already, searching for the proper one.

Cult Creed: The Dead outnumber the Living. And The Dead shall rise up and devour the Living.
Pray you are amongst the Dead, when the sleepers awake.
None shall know rest, nor ever again be captives of Sleep.

Cults of The Raging Jungle

-Cult of Twin-Headed Beast

Members of this cult are most visible in the misty jungles, albeit there may be worshipers wherever Troglodytes , Yuan-ti , Kobolds, or other scaly things might be found. There are cultists among other races too, the humans, elves, gnomes, Halfling, and half orcs. The cult offers brotherhood and a rank or some kind of social standing within the group. Occasionally there are solitary worshippers who rise to power within their societies, keeping their worship secret and their lord’s name unspoken.


The cult is quite savage, and central to their worship is the practice of cannibalism in the form of The Feast of The Twin-Headed Beast, which is performed once each year. They offer the soul of their sacrificial victims to their lord, while they partake of the flesh. The cultists who wear clothes usually garb in two sharply contrasting colors, while those with scales paint themselves as such. They do not hide within cities or villages, but usually keep away from mundane society of their race, hiding in caves or deep in the jungles. However, they are always close enough, that they will not have trouble hunting and capturing a fool who’d gone out all alone, and too late at night. Servitors of their lord include a menagerie of beasts of fiendish blood. Reptiles, apes, and chimera composed of the two are featured in their iconography. Their high priests who often commune with their lord through drug induced trances, often develop multiple personalities –considered a blessing, as their lord has a duality of mind. There is another equally brutal ritual which is practiced, the ritual known as The Feast of The Self. Those priests who would seek to become their lords thrall will conjure a demon to which they offer themselves to sate whatever vile lusts or desires it might have. Then the demon cuts an opening in their skull and removes a portion of the frontal cortex. Eating this, the demon then regurgitates the matter into the celebrants mouth symbolizing the splitting of ones persona, and the duality of their lord.

The lord of this is cult called The Twin Headed Beast, The Sibilant Beast, Ameul & Hethradia ,Abmon-Ibor, and Siosivash. Under many of his names have savage and inhuman deeds been committed. His true name is Demogorgan, the self proclaimed Prince of Demons. It is said many abyssal lords have coveted that title, but none have taken it from him. He holds an alliance it is said with Dagon, from which he learns many secrets to use to his advantage, as well as to pass onto his own cult. No one knows how old demogorgan is or of his exact origins. But there are some who claim to know the truth. The kopru were an ancient aquatic race who may be all but extinct today. Their civilization worshipped Shothotugg the World Eater, performing sapient sacrifice deep in underwater caves to this elder evil. According to their legends, this and another being Prukal the Black Globe were the two mothers of Demogorgan. This seems to imply that at some point Demogorgans two halves must have come together. One can only imagine why, or whether the ancient Obyrith had a hand in it.

Cult Creed: Blessed is he who mad. The insane reject others reality, and create their own.
Blessed is he who is wild. The savage know no fear, and know no pain.
Only these few can overcome all obstacles, and grasp true power, for only they will do anything.

Chapter III- Twelve Days of Darkness

All gods and their temples have their feast days, but so do demon lords and their cults. These high unholy days are times when demon lords are said to have the most influence over the material world. Why however, no one is entirely sure, but it is thought that it may have astrological connections. That is to say, a demon lord’s power in the material world is greatest when the stars are right.

Here I describe the feast days of the eleven cults I have discussed in the two previous chapters. During each of these celebrations one can expect that if a lord has any native servitor races they will be present, if they are extraplanar they will be summoned or called. During the cults dark ceremonies a manifestation, or aspect of the demon lord may appear if the lord is particularly pleased. I touched on a few of these practices before , but here are the twelve unholy days in full, one for each month of the calendar.

Phantom Feast [Fraz Urb'Luu] (Dec 31-Jan 1)

A luxurious table set for a dozen, servers carry platinum platters with rare daintities , bards sing sweet song, and there you are…cutting a slice of delicious cake for yourself-and then you are dead. The cake was a lie, and so was everything else. Such is the fate of those sacrificed during the feast held in honor of Fraz Urb’Luu, Prince of Deception. The cultists, under the guise of a small new year festivity in honor of some chosen victim, throw a party for them and their friends or family. What no one suspects is that most of the finery is illusory and that the viands are entirely made of poison. When the sacrificed are dead, they are usually robbed of everything that isn’t nailed down, and all evidence of murder neatly covered up.


Feast of Tentacles [Dagon] (Febuary 11th)

The Feast of Tentacles is usually held on a boat at least one nautical mile away from shore. Lacking a vessel, they may be held in sea caves or the like. Meals consist of all things that the ocean might provide. Ceremonies performed are perverse imitations of the rites of sea deities, a direct mockery of them and their followers. Typically cultists would offer sacrifice by drowning victims, but where the clime is more frigid this time of year sapient sacrifice may be performed by leaving victims to die from exposure in waist or chest deep standing water.

Feast of The Self [Demogorgan] (March 20th -Vernal Equinox)

This vile celebration serves as the initiation rite for would be thralls to the demon lord. It was further detailed in the prior chapter.

Hollow Feast [Graz’zt] (April 30)

It is on the night of Hollow Feast that his cultists are expected to give annual sacrifice to him. Sacrifices are acquired as described in the preceding chapter. Should they fail to do so on this night, they are expected to atone in the rite of the same name which must be accomplished before the year is out, as described in the same chapter. Although the atonement ritual can begin any day, it is said the lord will be more forgiving if it is undertaken the same eve as would be the night of sacrifice. It is also on this night, that the Dark Prince is said to appear before those seeking forbidden knowledge should they call on him, especially if they are good looking.

Bull's Eve [Baphomet](May 7th)

Occurring under the sign of Taurus, this festival is most always celebrated deep in the wilds. Whether the sect normally partakes of beef or not, no beef is served on their tables. All of the usual rites and pastimes of the cult are present, but the way they offer sacrifice is different. Rather than behead their victims, they are killed by immolation. Constructed some weeks in advance, a wicker bull, usually six to eight meters high, is erected and the exterior coated in pitch and dry grass. The inside is fashioned into a kind of cell suitable for holding captives. At the height of celebrations the wicker bull is set alight.


The sacrifices will not die immediately, and will be subject to tortuous heat and choking smoke before death. The wicker bull will burn for some time and make a rather showy display. However, such wicker bulls take a great deal of space and are not easily hidden so they must be built far from settlements. I have heard of use of a ‘brazen bull’ as a method of execution in , in which a bronze likeness of a bull is heated over a fire with one to three prisoners to be executed inside. Within the mouth of the bull, a series of curious pipes funnel the sound turning the screams into what sounds like bovine vocalizations. This cruel and unusual method of death, I have heard, has been assimilated into the traditions of cultists who worship Baphomet as Mithras. Its smaller scale makes it more suited to cults close to or within civilization. Though the execution method by all historical accounts was devised by man, I have no doubt fiendish minds had a hand in its inspiration.

Feast of Sighs & Screams [Malcanthet] (Jun 21-Summer Solstice)

Held in honor of the Queen of Succubi, these decadent festivities occur during the summer solstice.


Rather than view it as the longest day, the cultists see it as the shortest night of the year. Cultists of Malcanthet do what they do every night, but even more so on this night, and with greater fervor, for this night is the briefest and like life- over all too quick. Food is consumed solely for pleasure, not always the flesh of beasts and vomiting is encouraged when full so one might consume more. This particular custom has been known to be practiced amongst the upper class of some cultures at some well-to-do banquets with the aid of a slave inserting long feathers down the throat. It is said to have originated in the east, and so one would guess the cult adopted it through cultural diffusion, but I have my suspicions that it is the other way around. Within hidden chambers and forgotten dungeons, the cultists and by extension their sacrifices explore the limits of pain and pleasure in the most obscene, most, vile, and in their eyes- exquisite ways. A rare few selected for sacrifice do not die, but their hearts and minds do. This is not considered failure, but the best kind of success. Of superior constitution and lacking a will of their own, these tortured souls who can no longer tell the difference between pleasure and pain, and are thoroughly demented mutes. They are kept as speechless slaves for life, whose only utterance are weak cries of pleasure under the lash.

Carrionival [Obox-ob](July 6th)

Carrionival is a portmanteau of the words ‘Carrion’ and ‘Carnival’. This vile ceremony is performed in the hot month of July, where vermin of all kinds are in abundance. Those who worship him prepare by seeking the fresh remains of animals that have expired, they drag them into their caves and catacombs before desecrating them with unholy water. These remains invite flies and worms, then spiders, soon after rats, and finally the scorpions so dear to their faith and larger spiders. However, it is rumored that these remains sometimes draw other ‘guests’ too, things best left unmentioned. The cultists feast alongside their vermin friends, paying no mind to the rank stench. Sacrifices are offered in the usual fashion as described in the preceding chapter, albeit, the sacrificed have more to worry about than scorpions.

Regale of Raptors [Pazuzu] (August 1)


Occurring in the last days of summer, the Regale of Raptors is not merely a celebration for those already in the fold, but a time to welcome new converts. Those whom cultists have been slowly corrupting throughout the rest year, may be invited to the regale. Candidates for initiation will often be invited to watch their most hated enemies or rivals die, or given the opportunity to silence them forever by their own hand.They are often tortured with removal of the eyes and tongue, and beset by trained falcons. Afterward they are often left in high places, usually trees to be picked apart by vultures and all things that fly. Sometimes though, they cast them from high places like cliff faces. For those on the edge, this is often the push needed to make them fall and land firmly into the clutches of their dark master.

"Tongue plucked raw from gaping maw, blood from vein let fall like rain
Behold these eyes your bloody prize, and now the fall from vaulted hall
These bones, this flesh
Consume it all!"

- Refrain of The Raptor's Regale, as sung by the performers of the black bardic arts

Feast of The Twin Headed Beast [Demogorgan] (Sept 22 Autumnal Equinox)

This second celebration like its counterpart was was detailed in the preceding chapter. Demogorgan is the only demon lord to have two annual celebrations or feast days. It is interesting to note that they are both on equinoxes, times of equal day and equal night. Perhaps this relates to the lord’s dual nature. I have not been able to confirm it, but I believe that the two unholy days are each in fact dedicated to only one of Demogorgan’s halves-albeit which one is which, is a question that remains unanswered.

Feast of the Hungry Dead [Orc_s] (Oct 31)


At the end of October it is said the veil between our world and other worlds is weakest, and necromantic magics are at their strongest. The Skulls gather on this night for the High Unholy day in the name of their lord. The night begins with sacrifices and the lighting of ceremonial candles of humanoid fat. Only half of those to be sacrificed are offered however. These sacrificed are raised as undead of some variety and made to dance, or as best as shambling corpses can be expected to dance. Humanoid skulls and gourds, usually pumpkins, carved in the likeness of skulls are used as centerpieces for tables. Food is whatever is common locally, but drink always consists of blood from sapient sacrifice diluted in goat’s milk. The night concludes with the raised captives killing and devouring the other half as sacrifices.

Horrid Feast [Zuggtmoy] (Nov 1)

Horrid Feast is celebrated in the east where Zuggtmoy’s cult is strongest. Rice cakes, sweet meats, and celebratory confections typical of the region are prepared, and the tables set a week in advance. When the tables are ready, vessels of unholy water are emptied over the spread, soaking everything. Each day leading up to the night of Horrid Feast, this is performed. When the night has finally arrived, everything has been moldered and utterly ruined, blanketed with nauseating sheets of black, green, and blue. The celebrants take seat and dine on the disgusting faire. The punch however is in appearance uncorrupted, but in reality it too is tainted. Fungi with psychoactive alchemical properties are dissolved within, causing dissolution and decay of the ego.

Cold Feast [Koschtchie] (Dec 21-Winter Solstice)

The longest, darkest, coldest night of the year marks the feast in Koschtchie’s honor. Unlike any of the others, there are no lights at all, no candles, no torches, no bonfires. All sources of heat, or warmth, or light are forbidden. During the day victuals and drink are prepared, and at sundown are all light sources ceremonially extinguished. It is a solemn occasion, a repast partaken of in the dark and the only conversation is of warfare , and even then spoken of only in whispers. Winter Feast concludes with the brutal execution of captives at dawn.

Suggested Further Reading


In compiling this work I drew on many sources, and various accounts, doing my best to try to seperate fact…from missinformation. Indeed, we do not necessarily understand all we see or witness, and may distort the meaning. Furthermore, it is not unreasonable that some cults may deliberately spread missinformation, so as to conceal their true natures. Even if information comes from former cultists themselves, they may only think they have reached the inner circle. The works I suggest here are quite rare, some rare enough for even copies or excerpts to be minor artifacts. I have yet to read any of them myself, but they contain further information on the individual abyssal lords and other entities, as well as their rites, practices, and arcanum. Should you find these works, I bid that you do not burn them. Some fools believe such tomes and grimoires ought to be put to the fire, but they may provide information useful in the interest of society's defense against the dark cults. Albeit, that does not mean that YOU should read them either, not everyone will be prepared for what they hold.

  • Altair Qasim's Bible of Circles writ in Cold Blood & Ashes
  • Against the Cult of the Reptile God
  • Baurand's Expedition to The Demonweb Pits
  • Cryptomenysis Patefacta (The Art of Secret Information Disclosed without a Key )
  • De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis (On the Eating of the Dead in the Tomb )
  • Dwellers of the Forbidden City
  • Easley Grubb's Forbidden Manual of The Planes
  • Eibon's Study of Elder Evils
  • Enclaves of the Demon Queens
  • Ex Oblivione
  • Gods or Monsters: An Investigation Into The Nature of Divinity by Duke Furcas*
  • Gyra's Grimoire of Pestilential Thought
  • In Search of The Unknown
  • Journals of Lyzandred the Mad
  • Lords of Madness
  • Lost Tamoachan: The Hidden Shrine of Lubaatum.
  • Of Dead Gods
  • Of Endless Armies
  • Mors Mysterium Nominum
  • Nycoptic Manuscripts
  • Nyturan Demontah
  • Pnakotic Manuscripts
  • Realms of Horror
  • Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh
  • Tales of Iuz The Evil
  • Tales of Ivid The Undying
  • The Astromundi Chronicles
  • The Testament of Carnemagus
  • The Black Scrolls of Ahm
  • The Book of Keeping -The Tome of Yugoloth Lore
  • The Book of Ebony
  • The Book of Hidden Things
  • The Book of Skelos
  • The Book of Vile Darkness
  • The Codex Anathema compiled by Iphegor Of The Ebon Mirror
  • The Codex of Infinite Planes**
  • The City of Skulls
  • The Demonomicon
  • The Doom That Came to Kalmak
  • The Fate of Istus
  • The Fiendish Codices
  • The Krivbeknih
  • Libram of Ineffable Damnation
  • The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
  • The Manuscripts of Starry Wisdom
  • The Necronomicon
  • The Ninety-Nine Gates to The Kingdom of Shadows
  • The Quests and Chronicles of Iranon
  • The Revelations of Graz'zt
  • The Sargonne Prophecies
  • The Secrets of Kralitz
  • The Seven Cryptical Books of Huang
  • The Tablets of Nhing
  • The Vortex of Madness
  • The Zoretha Scrolls
  • Van Richten's Guide to Fiends
  • Warlocks of the Stone Crown
  • Witch-Cults of The World
  • Where Chaos Reigns
  • Xanathon's Curse

*(Notable in that it is written by Furcas, Duke of Rhetoric & Keeper of the Forbidden Library of Dis - a Devil in the court of Dispater and not a mortal at all. The work discusses how the gods are powerful yet petty beings that trick foolish mortals into worshipping them. "Blasphemous" as it may seem (and all works attributed to Devils are held so), its assertions may be very accurate when applied to many entitites. He has authored many things, but this is one of the few that bears his name, most works are written under pen names in which the true name is hidden by difficult ciphers.)

**(Notable in that this book only MIGHT EXIST. It is a book of legend said to be a tome that has survived cataclysm after another, also known as Yagrax's Tome. The book is held to be as infinite as The Abyss, and no matter how many pages are turned there is always MORE-it may very well be an akashic record of sorts, OR a DEMON Lords diary gained sentience, OR an egregore of Knowledge OR a THING an ABOMINATION in disguise guiding FOOLS across the planes through their dreams to it, to be SLAVE scribes to spill unto it all they know until death and BEYOND DEATH. It is said to predate much if not all of mortal history-its origins in another universe or perhaps a far away future, and contains bizzarre sigil and image alike. Just opening it is said to risk TOTAL DISSOLUTION of being. And studying it is to risk UTTER MADNESS. LIKE. NO. OTHER. Using this potent knowledge also risks catastrophes of EPIC proportions, and fates WORSE than death-UTTER DOOM for the student or MANY more. At once I PRAY to ALL SPACE such a tome DOES NOT EXIST a mere story or thing of PRIMORDIAL NIGHTMARE or IF it does that neither I NOR anyone in my CONTINENTAL vicinity find it and yet…I wish to know it still.)

{See Epic lvl handbook or SRD for Codex of Infinite Planes}