The Nymph's Plea

DM Name:Shelindria

Aerybeth - Lvl 4 Elf Paladin
Dahlia - Lvl 8 Human Paladin
Inara - Lvl 5 Human Paladin
Naeyla - Lvl 5 Human Rogue/Swashbuckler
Red Bear - Lvl 6 Orc Druid
Sentrosi - Lvl 7 Human Sorcerer

Treants(2) CR 8
Tenticled Plant creatures(6) CR 6
Twig Blights(30) CR 1
Animated trees(2) CR 4

Aerybeth - 7080
Dahlia - Not completed 500 XP for Role playing intro
Inara - 6700
Naeyla - 6700
Red Bear - 5760
Sentrosi - 4798

Gold rewarded:
7500 gp each for those that completed quest

Aerybeth - +1 Mithril Tonlet
Inara - +1 Ghost touch Longsword
Naeyla - +1 silver dagger Returning
Red Bear - Bracers of Lightning
Sentrosi - Wand of Fireball (6th) (50 charges)

Quest Summary:
Seeking the help of the Adventurers, the Priest of a town called Brieghton Hollow sent word of his need to the city of Avalon. The Paladins in the city spread the word that an artifact known for its corruptive nature had been stolen from the place where it was sealed away and asked for help from adventurers and those that would volunteer with in the Paladin Orders within the city. The Adventurers gathered at Brieghton Hollow, as were their instructions, to wait for their contact. Aerybeth, being familiar with the town and the Priest, offered up immediate aid to bring the artifact back to be sealed away. The Priest then lead them back to the temple when he was asked for details. There he introduced them to a Nymph who had been ousted from her Grove by a force that was corrupting the life within the grove. The grove itself became twisted with the evil influence that drove her from her home. After explaining where her grove was, the Priest told the adventurers what the artifact was. It was a piece of a broken altar from the temple of an evil Dragon that was tryring to become a god. When the Altar was smashed the pieces were scattered and placed with Guardians to keep them sealed away and to prevent their evil from spreading throughout the rest of Therafim. It was also explained that the artifact was not to be touch with bare hands to keep it from corrupting its courier.

Once the party arrived in the wooded area around the grove, the were beset upon by small creatures that looked as though they were made of twisted branches taking on a humanoid shape. The party made short work of the Twig creatures, those that escaped lead the group further into the woods. There they found a clearing, which was filled with living Plants. Huge Plant creatures with gaping maws and tenticles and two Trees with humanoid appearance standing promenantly in the center, between them was the stone that was stolen. When the Plant creatures attacked the party was hard pressed by the vicious attacks. The paladin Aerybeth was even pummeled with in mere inches of death. Once the Humanoid Trees were destroyed the artifact's power was weakened and those creatures that were brought to life by its power began to revet back to their original state. As the others headed back to the town, the Druid began to cleanse the area and gather up the plants tainted by evil too burn them.

Returning to Brieghton Hollow, wounded and bruised, the party was met by a smiling Priest and a very grateful Nymph, who returned to her home. The preist gave each person a package that contained their rewards for helping him return the artifact to safe keeping.