The Old Bait And Switch

The old Bait and Switch


  • White Hawk, Human Level 17, Wizard
  • Tammuz, Human Level 16, Warlock
  • Kara, Half-Dragon EC 15, Sorcerer
  • Yuria, Elan Level 15, Psion


  • Encounter 1:
    • 12x Riding Dog, Celestial CR3 Each
    • Summoned Creatures
  • Encounter 2:
    • 9x Dire Lion, Celestial CR7 Each
    • Summoned Creatures
  • Encounter 3:
    • 4x Leonal CR12 Each
    • Summoned Creatures
  • Encounter 4:
    • Ithrict, The Archlich CR20
    • Archlich, Eight-Armed-Spellweaver


  • EXP
    • White-Hawk - 2,339 EXP
    • Tammuz - 3,000 EXP
    • Kara & Yuria - 4,125 EXP
  • GOLD
    • The diplomatic resolution of the encounter with Ithrict resulted in a lack of monetary reward
    • White-Hawk, Kara, and Yuria - Are each awarded a ring that allows them to 1/week teleport without error to Ithrict's lair, this may only be used when not in combat and within Avalon.


Geoffry Thorsun, a representative of the council, presented the group (Tammuz, White-Hawk, Yuria, and Kara) with a task to rid the lands to the south of a lich that had been plaguing travellers and adventurers alike. Upon accepting the quest, the group attempted to magically transport themselves directly to the lich's lair. Instead they found themselves upon the cliffs overlooking the ocean at the southernmost point of the continent. Now barred from instantaneous magical travel, they were forced to travel on foot for three weeks to arrive at the epicenter of the veil that prevented scrying and instantaneous travel. Upon arriving the adventurer's found themselves dealing with the guards and wards of an Archlich. After reaching the third floor their plan to sneak past the leonals failed as their minds were not hidden from detection. After a few lines of dialogue, the leonals departed for their home plane allowing the party an audience with the Archlich. After some introductions were made, and some dialogue passed, the party felt reality reshape around them, and when they looked about to see what happened they discovered that their companion Yuria had been abducted, a note left in her place. TO BE CONTINUED…..