The Plagued Mine

The Plagued Mine

DM Name: Abbassia

Miro Everglade, level 2, Assimar, Bard
Dusky, level 2, Beastfolk(Cat), Scout1/Ranger1
Xya, 1, Half-Elf, Sorcerer
Zanzar Duraya, 1, changeling, warlock.
Ophelia Steiner, Level 1, Light-Lost Human, Warblade

1x CR1 Pit Trap

M'dok and his Kobold Clan:
1x CR2 Kobold Chief
8x CR1/6 Kobolds

Charnel Pit
4x CR1/2 Zombie Miners
The Burning Plague

Zanzar Duraya: 550 XP
Dusky: 550 XP
Miro Everglade: 235 XP
Xya: 550 XP
Ophelia Stieiner: 225 XP

Zanzar Duraya: 625 GP
Dusky: 625 GP
Miro Everglade: 500 GP
Xya: 625 GP
Ophelia Stieiner: 375 GP

Quest Summary:
Accepting a commission by the Coutraman Confederate Army, the adventurers travel to Duvik's pass to secure a Silver mine crucial to funding the Confederate Army's efforts, as shipments have ceased as the outlaying town appears to have been struck with a mysterious illness. Arriving with a Confederate supply convoy, the party learns that a few weeks ago, the few healthy miners descended to the mine and hadn't returned since. While the illness made impossible any attempts at rescue.

The Party quickly descended into the mine, going deeper before stumbling into a freshly dug pit trap. After some difficulty escaping the trap, they emerged to face the ambush of an alerted Kobold Warband that had invaded the mine. After a fierce battle that took its toll on both sides, the Party manage bring the Kobold Chief M'dok to parlay. The Kobolds, sickened as well and weary from battle, quickly agree to withdraw from the mine with their belongings.

But before leaving, the Kobolds tell of their "Demon" overlord, telling of the demise of the miners at his hands, this is confirmed when the party presses on to find the incubation chamber of the Burning Plague; a warm vermin infested room filled with the miners' bloated corpses, as they examined the bodies, however, four of them arose to attack them, animated by foul necromancy. After a fierce battle, the zombies were destroyed but the party became too infected with the disease to push on any further, they decided to withdraw back to the town, where they were treated for their illness.

Luckily, a detachment of Confederate Troops had just arrived in town, but when they entered the mine to flush out this "Demon", they found nothing but traces of the battles before, at the end of the tunnel they found a small camp near a wellspring that fed the town, the waters murky and badly infected, many glyphs are carved into the walls nearby but of their source, there is no sign.

Later on, healers enter the mine to attempt to cleanse it, but find the task to be impossible to complete as the well spring and hence the town's water supply has been so badly infected that it would take many years or very powerful magic to cleanse the pestilence. As a result, the decision is made to evacuate the town and whatever silver supplies that can be salvaged and cleansed.

Duvik's Pass thus becomes a ghost town with travelers avoiding the town amid news of the Burning Illness, while plans exist by temples to station guardians to oversee the recovery of the well spring, it will be some time before that happens as the dangerous nature of the frontier area means that considerable effort will be needed to maintain an outpost in the area.

The party are nonetheless paid for their effort, even if their mission was ultimately unsuccessful.