The Press Gang

The Press Gang

DM Name: Karrius


Cyrus, Level 3 Human Warlock
Az Ur, Level 2 Changeling Druid
Gregor Serebry, level 1 Human Marshal


3x level 1 warriors (CR 1), 1x level 2 fighter (CR 2)
3x level 2 warriors (CR 1) and 1x level Expert (CR 1/2)


Cyrus: 800 XP
Az Ur: 800 XP
Gregor: 800 XP


900 gp each

Quest Summary:

Summoned by Garret Galacia of The Chronicle, Avalon City's newspaper, the party was given a simple task; a newsie who sells the papers on the street corner was mugged, by a gang led by Ed One Eye, who's gang is involved in local turf

wars with a gang known as The Gorgons. Heading to Ed's hideout, the group interrogated Ed, only to discover that he didn't mug the boy - and searching his place discovered no stolen papers. On the way back, they stopped to interrogate

the boy - who confessed when threatened that yes, actually the Gorgons had mugged him, and threatened to kill him if he didn't blame it on ol One Eye. The group then went to confront the Gorgons - only to find that the boy was a part of

their gang all along. Beating the whole lot up, they took them to the Garret, who sent them to the guards and rewarded the group for a job well done.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien