The Princess Has Horns

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Nerylos, level 4 lizard ranger
Seren Arc, level 1 human (dragon-blooded) sorcerer
Octavi, level 3 human druid
Neysa, level 3 ovida druid

Iron Warhound (CR 3) -
Hobgoblin guards (CR 1 each CR 5 total)
Maural (Level 5 human wizard, CR 5)

Nerylos: 1,000 xp
Seren Arc, Octavi, and Neysa: 1,125 xp for each

1,538 gp for each
Each party member may choose one of the following potions: Blur, Bear's Endurance, Barkskin +2, Invisibility, or Protection from Arrows 10/Magic (all 300 gp)

Quest Summary:
As the party was helping to escort a caravan to Northermost, they discovered a mousemaid with tattered clothes and cut up body, who told them that the youngest daughter of the Great Prince had been kidnapped by a vile human wizard. The party set out to catch up with the wizard and his flunkies, and soon managed to outpace them. They did battle with the minions, and finally faced the wizard, saving the young princess at last. Except…well…the princess, as it turns out, is actually a prince, who cross-dresses. It seems to be a practice among the actaeon for their more effeminate males to act as females instead. An odd practice, certainly, but it does resolve some cultural issues. Oh well - the "princess" is still much loved, and his return greatly rewarded. The party will be remembered fondly by the Great Prince of Northermost.