The Prologue

Liadan, Sorcerer, Faerie Dragon, 12

Sentrosi, Sorcerer, Human, Level 14

Fei Yen Wong, Warblade 10/Bloodclaw Master 3/Dragonborn, Level 13

Damien Redd, Swashbuckling Rogue (Barbarian Swordsage), Raccoonfolk, Level 12


CR 12 x 4 Abyssal Basilisks

CR 14 Nalfeshnee

CR 15 Cleric of Frenzy

Level 12: 8100 XP

Level 13: 6013

Level 14: 4725(-600 xp from Limited wish to bring down to 4125 XP)

Treasure: 70K of assorted magical items or gold(take your pick) each.


The four adventurers are brought together at a nearby magically and quickly crafted fort several miles outside of Avalon, where several clerics and crusaders of Umnos and Matra are working together to stop Frenzy cultists from summoning demons. The four manage to find the cave in which one of the cells was summoning a demon, managing to kill the basilisks, the demon summoned, and the cleric himself as they raided it.

Xp and Rep awarded by Lisa