The Putrid Altar

DM: Pale

Abby, Psion, 4, Chocolate
Sentrosi, Level 2 Human sorcerer. blueberrys (served on a yummy female)
Red Bear, Druid, 1, dry lake.
Kevarl, level 1 Sorceror, Atacara
Lillith, Duskblade, 2, Cheesecake
Tialys, Level 4, Sorcerer, rice pudding
Karyn, Level 2 Cleric(1)/Wizard(1)/Mojave Desert
Lily, level 1 monk, beastfolk, the mojave is rather pretty

8x Fungal Goblinoid
4x Fungal Goblinoid
2x Fungal Redcap
1x Fungal Owlbear
1x Fungal Trap
1x Putrid Water
0x Nonfungal anything

Levels 1-3: 900xp
Levels 4: 800xp


The adventurers were summoned to help the town of Thanedorn with a problem regarding their water supply. Sir Cockburn their employer explained that the water had turned putrid and undrinkable about a week before.

They were soon shown out of the door with stormlights and sent to their destination in the middle of the storm. While they got to the source cave unhindered the storm had raged, knocked down a nearby tree, dazzled people, and wolves had stalked them part way.

Inside they descended towards the water source, over a narrow pass, and back onto wider open ground then at the moment they felt safe a pit trap dropped half the ground down into the murky luminous fungus lit depths.

After the party was split they each fought seperate parallel encounters with fungal goblinoids and recaps then regrouped down below. Little did half of the group know that the other half had fallen in the putrid water so Abby/Sentrosi/Red Bear and Kevarl will all suffer from 24-48hr of burning hot pooping fits.

Moving on though, they found a fungal pile surrounded by more fungal goblins. The pile awakened as they discussed what to do. It was a huge owlbear made of plantmatter that absorbed in the goblins and attacked them. It was strong but died in the end, and an altar built by the riversource was destroyed.

The adventurers found a cursed item there, but who built the altar or put the artifact there remains a mystery.

Rewards and partying were plentiful on their return as the healing ring they took on their mission was successful and the town was able to prosper once more.

The end!