The Secret Of The Windswept Wall

Quest: The Secret of the Windswept Wall or Rat Finks!
Level: 2-4
Duration: 4+ hours

Isycar Stormrider Level 2 Fighter.
Lucius The Fox, Level 2 Paladin.
Rosalyn Aglaie, E.C. Level 3 half fae Healer.

Burrowing Biter Swarm: CR2
Burrowing Biter Mother: CR4

Rewards and XP
750 XP for encounters
900 Gold per player from the Mayor of Poisson

Catastrophe hit the trade town of Poisson, located near the cliffs known as "The Windswept Wall". Sinkholes and cave in damaged the infrastructure and many of the buildings within its walls. After rescuing the workers, the group learn that the city had an infestation of burrowing biters: carnivorous rats. The town just inadvertently upset their burrow which in turn caused chaos. Entering the den, the heroes get swarmed by the rats, and repel it only to be attacked by their mother, a rat the size of an aligator! Solving their problem, they are payed well…and can stay at the inn for free…digging in mud and dealing with rats had to be dirty work…right?

XP Awarded by Lisa