The Stolen Scroll

DM Name: Darkmask


Olivert: Level 1 Human Paladin
Four: Level 2 Changeling Sorcerer
Miro: Level 2 Aasimar Bard
Connet: Level 1 Beastfolk Druid
Hannah: Level 2 Human Psion


1) Large Monstrous Spider, CR 2
2) Giant Praying Mantis, CR 3
3) Giant Wasp, CR 3
4) Dark Drow, 4th Level Ninja, CR 5
5) Dark Drow, 4th Level Ninja. CR 5


Olivert: 1200 EXP
Four: 1200 EXP
Miro: 1200 EXP
Connet: 1200 EXP
Hannah: 1200 EXP


Olivert: 1530 Gold and a Least Crystal of Return
Four: 1330 Gold and an Amber Amulet of the Vermin (Monstrous Spider)
Miro: 1530 Gold and a Least Crystal of Return
Connet: 1680 Gold
Hannah: 1680 Gold

The following items were also recovered, and can be claimed at the cost of 1/2 their value subtracted from your reward gold. Items are first come, first serve and be mindful of Magic Item Limitations of your character level (or new level if you've gained a level from this quest), please claim any rewards in the discussion of this page:

Masterwork Hand Crossbow, 200 gp
Masterwork Hand Crossbow, 200 gp
Masterwork Kukri, 154 gp
Masterwork Kukri, 154 gp
Least Crystal of Return, 150 gp
Least Crystal of Return, 150 gp
Drow Poison (8 doses), 38 gp each

Quest Summary:

A sudden theft after twilight! An old man calls out as three shrouded robbers take off with something obviously precious to him, and luck would have it a group of adventurers were out before curfew and happened to be standing in their way. However, the shrouded theives quickly summoned a wall of vermin to delay their escape, to keep the adventurers busy.

After dispatching the summons, the group headed for the source, and eventually came across two of them, the third one having mysteriously vanished, even by detection via scent. After a an encounter, the group managed to down one of the ninjas, only for his invsibile companion to stab him through the heart and run off, although the group knew well they might still be able to question the cadaver, of a slightly washed out drow as it turned out, with magic.

As it turns out, the old man was an adventurer once in his prime, now elderly and frankly, a bit senile. He was sad to see his treasure vanish, it was a scroll he made during the crazy days of his youth, a spell that could tear open a hole in reality itself! The party seemed concerned but the man laughed, he admitted he made the scroll as a bit of a joke, even in his prime he never had the power to cast it, and doubted it even worked. Although recovery of the treasure was a failure, they did manage to caputre one of the ninjas (albeit dead), and protected the citizens of Avalon from danger from those monstrous vermin.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien