The Tears Of Heaven Part 1

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kaellack, level 10 human rogue/swordsage/shadowlord
White Hawk, level 14 human wizard
Tammuz, level 13 human cleric/warlock, eldritch disciple
Olivia, level 12 changeling psion/psion uncarnate
Belle Hibiki, level 11 human monk/ardent
Kara'nyandress, ECL 10 human (dragonblooded) dragonheart mage

5 8th level gnoll fighters, 1 8th level gnoll sorcerer (CR 9 each, CR 14 total)
1 CR 10 tripwire/falling spike trap

Kaellack, Kara'nyandress: 2,100 xp for each
Belle Hibiki: 1,750 xp
Olivia: 1,300 xp
Tammuz: 1,075 xp
White Hawk: 800 xp

4,250 gp for each in the form of various small, valuable, portable items.
1 year either subtracted from the ages of each party member, or 1 year added to their lifespans (to the prime of their lives) as desired by each player, from the effects of being near the shrine.

Quest Summary:
The party was contacted by a bright pink faerie dragon who informed them that The Boss (whoever that is) needed them to stop a band of powerful gnolls from getting the Tears of Heaven. Back when the humans first arrived on Therafim, the gods sent a great rain of healing waters which cleansed away the damage caused by the wars that wracked Therafim. Some of this water was saved and preserved in a shrine in the Lost Valley of Autumn Land. The party was sent there by the Boss through teleportation to find the Tears before the gnolls did, and take it to the Boss for transportation to a new, safer location. But after beating the gnolls in battle, the party discovered that they were working for someone called the Boss as well, though if they were the same being was left unknown, as the gnoll that the party pumped for information fled before this could be asked. The party was able to ascend to the top of the cliffs, up five-foot steps, to stand before the entrance into the great shrine where the Tears of Heaven were housed…and that is where Part 1 of the quest ended. Stay tuned, true believers!