The Tears Of Heaven Part 2

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Olivia, level 12 changeling psion/psion uncarnate
Belle Hibiki, level 11 human monk/ardent
Kara'nyandress, ECL 10 dragonblooded human dragonheart mage
Kaellack, level 10 human rogue/swardsage/shadowlord
White Hawk, level 14 human wizard
Yuria, level 12 elan psion/Crystal Master
Tammuz, level 13 human cleric/warlock, eldritch disciple

2 iron golems (CR 13 each, CR 15 total)
Blade Barrier trap (CR 7)
Wail of the Banshee trap (CR 10)

Kara'nyandress, Kaellack: 3,144 xp for each
Belle: 2,319 xp
Olivia, Yuria: 1886 xp for each
Tammuz: 1371 xp
White Hawk: 1,100 xp


  • 6,515 gp for each in mithral and gold jewels, baubles and ornaments.
  • 7 years added to lifespan (in the prime of life) or anti-aging effect, as desired (can be mixed and matched), as well as each person who sips from the Tears of Heaven being suddenly healed of all ailments, and made to become their body type's physical ideal.
  • Additionally, 10 REP may be spent at any time after this, by any of the characters involved, to stop aging. Please let Gideon Kalve Jarvis know about this decision so he can tally it properly on your REP expenses.

Quest Summary:
Continuing their trek into the shrine where the Tears of Heaven are kept, the party was almost eviscerated by a Blade Barrier spell that advanced towards them, but escaped it by leaping off a tall staircase instead. They then puzzled their way past a set of beautifully-carved golden cherub statues around a large, locked golden door that were set to howl hideously with Wail of the Banshee on anyone who tried to open the door without the proper (not present in the shrine) key. Getting past this through cunning use of antimagic and Knock, the party then battled a pair of iron golems guarding the Tears of Heaven, and each had a sip from the silver thimble attached to the mithral meshwork of the clear diamond bottle in which the Tears were kept. The party were then able to leave the shrine safely, as the traps seemed to have deactivated when the Tears of Heaven were taken.