The Tears Of Heaven Part 3

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Belle Hibiki, level 13 human monk/ardent
Kaellack, level 13 rogue/swordsage/shadowlord
Kara`nydraess, ECL 12 draconic human fighter/sorcerer/dragonheart mage
White Hawk, level 16 human wizard/dweomerkeeper/mithrandir
Tammuz, level 15 cleric/warlock/eldritch disciple
Olivia, level 14 changeling psion/psion uncarnate

12 bloodstriker dinosaurs (CR 6 each, CR 13 total)
Poisoned spike trap (CR 10)

Kara`nydraess: 1,200 xp
Belle, Kaellack: 867 xp for each
Olivia: 642 xp
Tammuz: 500 xp
White Hawk: 367 xp

4,700 gp for each
2,170 for each in the form of the precious metals taken from the horn caps of the bloodstrikers.

Quest Summary:
Continuing the sage of the Tears of Heaven, the party made their way through the jungle, heading back to the teleport area that had brought them there…but were accosted by a floating ball of green light with a cold-faced beautiful woman inside, who promised them riches and power if they would only give her the Tears. The party refused, and Belle destroyed the ball, and they were soon after attacked by bloodstrikers with brilliant energy horncaps. Defeating these foes, the party made their way back to the teleporter, only to discover that it had been redirected by some great power. Stepping in anyway, they were 'ported to a marsh some miles to the west, where they were met by a hebi-no-onna (Oriental Adventures) and her blackscale lizardfolk worshipers. She invited the party to stay the night at her place, to think over her offer once more. And that…was the end of this chapter of the ongoing saga.