The Temple Entrance Revealed (Part 1)

Quest Title: The Temple Entrance Revealed

DM Name:Shelindria


  • Jerecketh - Lvl 7 Elven Wiz/Clr/Mystic Theurge
  • Shalya - Lvl 8 Elven Swordsage/Clr/Divine Oracle
  • Red Bear - Lvl 7 Orc Druid
  • Stray - Lvl 7 Human Cleric
  • Karyn - Lvl 7 Human Wiz/Clr/ Mystic Theurge


  • Trap (Electric) CR 6
  • Stone Door Riddle Trap CR 10
  • Mohrg (2) CR 8


  • Jerecketh - 3000
  • Red Bear - 3000
  • Stray - 3000
  • Karyn - 3000
  • Shalya - 2500

5000 gp each

  • Jerecketh - Wand of Greater Invisibility (20 Charges)
  • Shalya - Bag of holding type IV
  • Red Bear - Unusual MW Falchion worth 12,500 gp (made from unique material Clear like glass but stronger than steel and easily enchantable)
  • Stray - Cloak of Arachnida
  • Karyn - Gloves of Storing

Quest Summary:
Word has spread through out the city about the Sunken Citadel. The adventurers joined together to explore more of its ruins and try to find a way in to search for secrets it might hold or to gain knowledge on the cult that is connected to it. With the apparent key in hand, the group makes its way back to the sacrificial room discovered on previous excursions. Finding the entrance they make their way down a passageway to stand before two stone doors carved with a dragon with its wings spread. Answering a riddle spoken by the door released a spell designed to kill any who would enter. The party survived and found a burial chamber with five sarcophagi standing upright around the room. Two of the coffins held deadly skeletal creature that could paralyze with their barbed tongues. One was empty and one held a chest containing treasure. The final coffin opened up to a ledge that overlooked a vast cavern. A single ladder on the side of the ledge lead down to a building made of bone white columns and roof. The building was completely open with no walls, just the columns and the roof. At the end of the building the party saw a strange looking creature trapped in a binding circle.

- To Be Continued -