The Tonic

The Tonic

DM Name:

Ayda Kammon and Kiba, Rabbitfolk, level 3 psion
Reid, Human, Level 1 rogue
Stanford Mordeval, Changeling, Level 4 Wizard

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Aquire the following! 3x CR3 encounters, potentially. All defeated by avoiding conflict.
Dog's Eye*
Gnoll's fur*
Rock candy*
Tears of a maiden
Bone dust*

Experience: (Bonuses awarded for good roleplay, and thinking outside the box)
Ayda 950
Reid 1,050
Stanford 850

1 x potion of cure light wounds per character
Per character:
500 gold per character in cash reward
1 x thunderstone
1 x alchemist's fire
1 x blade fire (Apply to weapon, +1d4 fire damage per hit for 3 rounds)

Quest Summary:
A small group of adventurers were summoned forth from all corners of the world! Or at least, Avalon. The owner of a small alchemist's shop called "BRING DA BOOM" had put an ad in the newspaper asking for help. Very unspecific help. As it turned out, the owner was a goblin named Nibbun, who may or may not be completely insane. He tasked the party with going out into the city or its surrounding area and gathering a list of 'exotic' components for a very important potion that he was working on. In return, he would reward them with some coins, some potions and maybe some other things he had laying around his little-visited shop.