The Tree of Inifuss

DM: Pale

Aerybeth, Level 3, Paladin
Colt, Level 5, Fighter
Echo, Level 4, Fighter2/Warblade2
Razorfang, Level 3, Sorcerer
Serenity, Level 3, Wilder

Tree of Inifuss
x2 "Little" Trees, Bob and Bobette

Level 3, 1180XP
Level 4, 1060XP
Level 5, 1000XP


The party were charged to recover the Scroll of Inifuss from a once peaceful treant which had been corrupted by the scrolls power. As they attempted to recover the scroll from the bark of the tree it attacked them, prompting a wonderful scuffle in the dead of night whilst a thunderstorm raged overhead. The tree of Inifuss plus two saplings fought the adventurers to recover the powerful scroll. Once they were done they returned the scroll to Cain, although the maddening whispers they heard while transporting the item gave them cause for concern Cain assured them they wouldn't suffer more than a couple of nightmares as a result of their proximity to it for such a short duration.