The Trial Of Fang And Pack

The Trial Of Fang And Pack

DM Name: King_Jack (RedbearDM)

Aerybeth: Paladin 6
Inara: Paladin 6
Kiran: Swordsage 6
Naeyla: Swashbuckler 3 Rogue 3
Stray: Cleric 7

2 Legendary Wolves

Aerybeth: 1,580
Inara: 1,580
Kiran: 1,580
Naeyla: 1,580
Stray: 1,340

Aerybeth: Transposer Cloak(MiC pg144) Vampiric Torc(MiC pg145) 2,000gp
Inara: Unicorn Pendant(MiC pg 144) Ring of Vengeance(MiC pg128) 2,000gp
Kiran: Boots of Tracklessness (MiC pg79) 2,000gp
Naeyla: Cape of the Mountebank(MiC pg252) 2,000gp
Stray: Horned Helm(MiC pg112), Belt of Priestly Might(MiC pg74) 3,000gp

Plot Summary

During a busy and very social evening in the Arcadia Stray the cleric of Fenris is visited by a potent vision of her deity. Choosing companions from the crowd that bear the invisible mark of Fenris, the shaken cleric tells them they have been marked to accompany her to the trial, wether as aid or as part of the test itself. the heroes gather their arms and gird themselves for battle, meeting outside the gates of Avalon.

There, they are greeted by a swift-running pack of dire wolves, who carry them on a heart-racing dash through the forest. As the sun sets and twilight sets its heavy cloak over the wood, the champions arrive. Before them the majestic waterfall split by a cocks crest of blue-green razor sharp crystal shards. As the group bunches up closely around Stray's magical light, they are ambushed by a stealthy black wolf of legendary ferocity and animal cunning! The trial begins with two of the party hurled to the ground, their blood decorating the teeth of their savage opponent. As the heroes find their courage and make war on the beast, another springs from the darkness behind in a sneak attack!

Though the heroes were doughty, and their power mighty, they were savaged and mauled again and again by the powerful wolfen avatars of legend. With teamwork and tactics the party eventually emerged victorious. One of the wolves laid out cold, the other cowed in surrender by fire and steel. Travelling deep into the secret crystal caverns, the heroes find strange items among the hidden treasures of the druid cache. A massive scythe, ironshod boots, and a scrap of crimson cloth their only clues to the identity of the fey enemy that had turned the wolves on them. With the blessing of Fenris, the dire wolve return, alongside rangers and the barbaric tribe of the seventh star. Congratulations and wild tales keep back the dark of the night as the barbarian tribe feast and dance in the party's honor until the dawn.