There S Something Out There

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Mythiv Rallistance, level 2 human warlock
Liadan Arc, ECL 3 half-fey sorcerer
Celeste, level 1 aasimar cleric
Dhaval, level 1 beastfolk (bear) barbarian
Nessa, level 1 wolfen healer
Seren Arc, level 5 dragon-blooded sorcerer

1 skulk (CR 2)
2 skulks (CR 4 total)

325 xp for each

450 gp for each (reward from the Avalon City guard)
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds for each party member (special reward from the villagers you saved)

Quest Summary:
The party was called in to take a look at a tiny hamlet on the edge of Avalon City's protected zone, to see why contact had been lost after a recent falling star landed in the area. The party investigated the town, only to discover that the manor house of the mayor at the center was apparently occupied - maybe a ghost? Entering, the party were suddenly set upon by three skulks, humans who had gained the ability to blend in with their environment, and had to battle them before they could continue the investigation. Searching the manor, the party then discovered Mister Stuffs, an animated teddy bear (actually a child protection golem - a very short and much more cuddly version of a flesh golem - a lot smarter as well), who told them that something had indeed come from the stars, and had corrupted three of the villagers who had offered themselves to it in exchange for power. The creature from the stars defeated and then imprisoned Mister Stuffs, then moved on, while the skulks rounded up the villagers and imprisoned them inside an abandoned mine outside of town. Mister Stuffs directed the party there, and then went off in search of the monster from the stars, while the party went to make their report.