Things left behind

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DM Name:



Rodur Ogrecrusher Level 8 Dorf warblade
Rhea Steelheart level 6 Dorf Cleric

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
TM Type A Turret x2 (Cr 8 encounter)
SOLAI, Social Encounter
Rodur Ogrecrusher: 2200
Rhea Steelheart:2550

Rhea Steelheart: 4150 GP
Rodur OgreCrusher: 4400 GP, and Animum humani creatio (Artifact)

Quest Summary:

Rodur was sent a missive about a ruin to be investigated closer to Avalon then to Deepholme. taking his Fiance with him, they went about finding this hidden ruin, discovering it after some exploration they found their way inside what was an ancient ruin of early human creation.. some time during the end of their technology failing. while largely benign, it was a place of horrors for the dwarf and his companion.. not of the unfathomable alien creatures, or terrifying undead or even the malicious nature of demons.. simply of war.

When they first entered, they recieved a short taste of the creativity and lethality of Human creation, finding automated defenses capable of penetrating even hardened magical armor as if it was tissue paper. from there on they only found worse weapons, all amalgamations of the human understanding of the world, and their limited yet growing understanding of magic… Guided by the Arcane intelligence, SOLAI, they toured the horrors of Modern war merged with the terrible power of magic.. and finally at SOLAI's Request, helped reinforce the defenses.. and sealed the tomb again.. hopefully forever. in return SOLAI granted Rodur a gift, Animum Humani Creatio.. one of the few benign creations of the Labratory. A Fabrication Machine that, if some one took apart and fully understood how to create… could turn around the world of Therafim.


Animum Humani Creatio Statistics:

The Animum Humani Creatio is a device made of an unknown alloy containing a very specialized version of SOLAI's programming. The fabrication machine is roughly 20 feet long by 10 feet high by 5 feet wide with a control panel on the side to allow for the input of design schematics. Once properly set up, the fabrication machine is able to accept design schematics and once the necessary pieces are placed into the machine's hopper, the fabrication machine makes the necessary shaping and assembly according to the schematics input into the control panel. The assembled piece is then ejected from the other side, ready for final touches. The end result is that the person who controls this machine is capable of getting a weeks worth of work complete in only a single day. This device is currently protected in such a manner so that only Rodur is capable of activating and using it thanks to some instruction from SOLAI's program embedded within the device.

Mechanics: The wielder of this magi-tech artifact is capable of making daily craft checks and having the result count in gold pieces instead of silver in terms of progress toward the completion of the item. This does not affect enchanting items, only items created through the use of the craft skill. In addition, Rodur is well aware of what effect this device could have on Therafim's economy and thus takes great steps to safeguard it. Because of this, he refuses to make a massive profit off of making items and selling them directly back to the market. This limitation means that Rodur must either make items to be used by him, or used by other PC's. These items can not be immediately sold back to the market.

XP And REP awarded by Scathien