DM Name: Tbg

Jereck, Level 1 Cloistered Cleric. Elf
Kiran, Swordsage 3/Duskblade 1, Human
Tialys, Level 4, Sorcerer, High Elf
Stray, 1, Cleric, Human
Shalya Eveningstar, Level 7 Swordsage/Cleric/Divine Oracle
Tonia Aldrecen, Level 13 (6 Cleric/7 Radiant Servant) Aasimar
White Hawk, Level 14, Wizard 5/Dweomerkeeper9
Galen, Level 4 Human Monk
Tammuz, 13 Warlock10/Hellfirewarlock2/Cleric1
Karyn, Level 2 Wiz(1)/Clr(1), Human
Razorfang, Level 1, Sorcerer, Coyote Beastfolk
Sentrosi, Level 2 human, sorcerer
Red Bear, 1, Druid, Orc
Stray, 1, Cleric, Human
Naeyla, Human, level 2, Swashbuckler
Perada, half drow, level 11, Warlock

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):

2 lvl 4 guards (with some buffs)

15 lvl 4 Fighters
3 lvl 10 fighters
2 lvl 12 casters

Jereck, 1 - 4590
Kiran, 4 – 2040 (showed up at 5th)
Tialys, 4 - 4080
Stray, 1 - 4590
Shalya Eveningstar, 7 – 2380
Tonia Aldrecen, 13 - 760
White Hawk, 14 – 100 (was only there for very beginning)
Galen, 4 - 4080
Tammuz, 13 – 700 (showed up after start)
Karyn, 2 - 4590
Razorfang, 1 – 3250 (left at end of 3rd)
Sentrosi, 2 - 4590
Red Bear, 1, - 4590
Stray, 1, - 4590
Naeyla, 2 – 3672 (showed up 2 rnds in)
Perada, 11 - 800


Everyone else – 3000gp
White Hawk – 500gp

Quest Summary:
You were relaxing in Arcadia on this rather odd evening. There was something very off, a feeling in the air though you couldn’t quite place it. The Dark Cultists who’ve been preaching and trying to convert people to worship their evil deity over the last few months have been strangely absent today.

A woman came in, later identifying herself as Lady Blacktree. She said she needed dedicated men and women to help gather evidence and free some captives. Later she revealed/hinted that the Council had allowed the Cultist to stay because pressure was being brought to bear on some of the members in the form of kidnapped family, children. Also, it turns out that Perada was also taken earlier.

Following the lead to a mansion, the adventurers fought some dedicated guards while finding a stairway leading far below. Below, they interrupted a large sacrifice and anointing ceremony.

Defeating the cultists and rescuing the kids allows the Council to revoke the safety the Dark Cultists have been enjoying. The following day, town cries declare the news all over the city. The Watch and the Guard begin hunting down, arresting and executing any of the cultists they can find.

During the raids, the Watch and Guard discovered warehouses full of building materials. The Dark Cultists had been diverting and hoarding them, slowing down the city’s reconstruction.