those aren't orcs..

Those aren't Orcs

DM Name:


Ariel-Seolla Human Duskblade 7
Naeyla Koeing Human Swashbuckler/Rogue 8
Raydair Elf Rogue1/Cleric4/Shadowbane stalker1 6
Telsia Bunny girl Mage 6

Ogre x2 creature CR 5

Ogre x1 creature CR 8
camoflagued pit trap CR 5
Pit trap, CR 5

Naeyla Koeing, 1400 Exp
Ariel Seolla, 1838 Exp
Raydair, 2100 Exp
Telsia, 2100 Exp

Naeyla Koeing, 3250 gold, and boots of the battlecharger (page 76 MIC)
Ariel Seolla, 3250 gold and +1 Morphing Greatsword
Raydair, 3250 gold and +1 Ghostward Mithril Iron Mantle
Telsia, 3250 gold and +1 Deathwatch Silken web

Quest Summary:
The Four were hired by the Guards of Avalon to investigate and route a seeming orc pressence harassing trade roads between Avalon and one of the near by hamlets.. investigating they found out a few things.. that Raydair's trap-dar was rubbish, and that there were no Orcs present.. sign that they HAD been present.. but all they found was a small command post's worth of Skullcrusher ogres.. and a map detailing possible future excursions.. or even ones already underway.

XP Awarded by Ibis