Thostean Cradle

Frenzy is the dark counterpart to Matra, a piece of Matra that has been corrupted by the evil on Therafim, and which the goddess of nature expelled from herself like a vile tumorous growth. However, rather than simply cease to be, Frenzy took on a life of her own, and has been stalking the wild places of Therafim ever since, luring in followers with her orgiastic rites and promises of bloodshed and fertility that come with her Red Sabbaths.

Considering that this wild goddess is a twisted version of the more balanced Matra, it makes sense that Frenzy would also have her center of power set in Matrakal, where Matra's presence is most pronounced. Matra is unable to work directly against Frenzy, since the wild goddess is a part of Matra, however twisted that part might be, though this does not prevent others from doing so should they choose it. Of course, there is also nothing to prevent others from giving in to her temptations, which many do.

Thostean Cradle is the region of Matrakal dominated largely by Frenzy. Its boundaries are only rough estimates, however, as they shift constantly, varying by the mood of its inhabitants, and the efforts of more sane and balanced groups to stamp out the mad cultists. Where Matra's Womb is a place of growth and living things in their natural order, the region contained by Thostean Cradle is a place of unfettered growth and wild, manic life without restraints. This is where most evil creatures in Matrakal live, and where some aberrations find a place as well, among the other wild freaks of nature that make this place their home, without any checks from the natural balance to stop them, except when the Druid Council steps in actively to enforce that balance.

Major Races: Beastfolk; Druids (any).

Government: Theocratic Anarchic Meritocracy

Nation Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Major Cities:
Ribs of Therafim: A terrible, forbidding place, and also the central site of Frenzy's worship, on top of a high plateau on the inner ring of the Barrier Glace. In this place, a circle of inward-curving, bleached-white rocks jut up from the earth, each taller than a giant (though none are of exactly the same height or length), called up by the power of the evil druids and clerics that oversee Frenzy's orgiastic rites. In the center of this circle is kept a strange artifact, the Heart of Frenzy, a rough lump of smooth crystal fused to the ground itself, and largely considered indestructible as well as immovable, despite all attempts to destroy or move it. This artifact whispers the thoughts of Frenzy to those who stand near it, causing madness in those who stay there too long who do not worship Frenzy already. Besides being the secular center of Frenzy's worship, where her followers go to obtain inspiration that they can take to the rest of Therafim, the Ribs of Therafim also act as the site of the most important and degraded of Frenzy's rites. The Druid Council regularly raids the Ribs of Therafim, but are unable to destroy the site itself, and the worshipers of Frenzy keep coming back, sometimes with numbers replenished from the ranks of the Druid Council itself, thanks to the whispered words of madness from the Heart of Frenzy.

Bitterspit: Right between the jungle and the swamp of Matra's Womb is a place that would be far more in keeping with a more forbidding location, like the Shatterlands or Darkland in the Isle of the Mighty. Bitterspit is a city built part in the trees, and part on the land, and part on the water of the swamp, as suited the temperaments of those that first built the simple structures there. This is a place where aberrations make their home, out of the disapproving eye of the Druid Council. Frenzy's followers make Bitterspit into a hideaway and home away from home, a place where they can always fall back and recoup their losses should they ever be outclassed by the Druid Council and their friends and allies. It also acts as a staging area for Frenzy's followers when they wish to make their own encroachments on the rest of Matra's Womb, though these attacks tend to be badly disorganized, and so lack permanence, soon breaking down into wild orgies and petty bickering that allow the allies of Matra to push the Frenzy-worshipers back.