Tiamat's War Wages On

Liadan, 11, Faerie Dragon, Fey-Blooded Sorcerer
Damien, Level 11, Coonfolk, Swashbuckling Rogue (Barbarian Swordsage)
Ariel_Seolla, Duskblade, Human, Level 12
Fei Yen Wong, Level 12, Dragonborn, Warblade/Fighter/Bloodclaw Master

3rd level fighter Frost Giants: Cr 12 each, numbered at 3.
Two Frost Worms: CR 12 each
One Old White Dragon: CR 15

Level 11: 9488
Level 12: 7200

50K gp each

4 CLW potions each
3 CMW potions each
1 CSW potion each

1 item up to their MIL

Description: The four adventurers are hired out by Alexander, the Great Archmage of Evocation from the Council of Archmagi, to assist in retrieving a lost artifact that was being abused by a White Dragon to subjugate an innocent population. The group teleported to the land, where after Alexander went off to provide a distraction. Keeping most of the army occupied, the group fought through a trio of Frost Giants before venturing into the dragons lair, where they defeated the dragon and two of its controlled Frost Worms.

There, they discovered the Hoard, and Liadan managed to figure out a clever illusion trick. Illusionist knowing illusions, who knew?

They were awarded the dragons vast hoard!

XP and REP awarded by Hopey