Tiamats War Begins

Hussam: Level 11 Wizard/Master Specialist
Fei Yen: Level 11 Warblade/Fighter/Bloodclaw Master
Abby: Level 11 Psion/Crystal Master
Kara'nydrasess: Level 14 Fighter/Sorcerer/Dragonheart Mage
Ariel: Level 12 Duskblade
Belle: Level 14 Monk/Ardent

The group of stalwart adventurers and defenders of good are contacted by Iothdrax, a Golden Wyrm of the dragon species, asking for their help in recovering an ally in a mysterious Archipelago. Assisted in their journey by the Great Archmage of Evocation, Alexander, they are teleported across the world to a dark bog. As they discuss their strategy to retrieve the Brass that was missing, they were almost seen by a Black Great Wyrm, of a size that is not normally seen among it's species! It rampaged about the land, yelling for it's prey, which turned out to be a trickster copper, playing a number of tricks on the colossal creature.

The Copper, named Vex, gave them directions to the lair in which the Brass was being held, and promised to distract the enormous great wyrm as best he could to buy them time.

The adventurers traveled forth, fighting the gatekeeper of the lair, a young black dragon, with tiny Abby landing the final blow! They ventured farther into the lair, finding the Brass nailed down to the ground, who gave them a brief warning of the trap that awaited them, an iron wall binding them inside. They are quickly beset upon with magical and physical attacks by two black dragons, but after a hard battle where the oldest of them falls, the other decides to press it's luck finding it's great ancestor, fleeing. As the great wyrm returns to destroy them, the copper fleeing, they are teleported out by Alexander, just in the nick of time!

Iothdrax, happy to see two more good dragons than she had thought she would, happily awards the entire party the enormous mound of treasure she rested upon- a mere loose change to the wyrm.


CR 11
CR 19
CR 17


Level 11: 8250
Level 12: 6400
Level 14: 3750

Treasure: Every party member is awarded 10000gp(which includes masterpiece artwork, jewelry of topaz, emerald, sapphire, and rubies, statuettes of various pieces, pottery, and several other valuable items) as well as magical items up to their magic item limitation(this may be split up among multiple magical items or a single item, so long as it does not exceed your magical item limitation.)

XP And Rep awarded by the LISA