To Test Thy Faith

Quest Name: "To Test Thy Faith."
Level Spread: 3-6
Type: RP/Puzzle/Dungeon Crawl

Kael, Wolven Beastfolk, Level 4 Ex-Cleric
Hussam Arbouqah, Human, Wizard 3/Master Specialist 2
Nox, Beastfolk(ragemonger), Knight 2/Fighter 1
Aliyah Haizea, Fennec beastfolk, Level 5 air elemental sorceress
Sira Hasenfluss, Human, Cleric 5/Malconvoker 1
Liliana Raventide, Human Psion, level 4

Cultists: CR Varies, Counted as CR6, however the number of them would be fatal to the Party.
The Watcher: (Giant Squid) CR 8
Priestess Riven?: CR8
Yuan Ti Pureblood Fighters X6 CR 8

4,500 Gold in treasure (Divided six ways amongst the party)
6 Master Work Scimitar

Level 3: 2,250 XP
Level 4: 2,000 XP
Level 5: 1,875 XP
Level 6: 1,500 XP

Kael regains his powers as a cleric of Sol Invictus.

Investigating the disappearance of their friend and acquaintance, Eve. The party discovers her kidnapped by memebers of Sin's clergy, hidden within a temple fortress near the shore in an underground cavern. After braving a trap, a huge band of cultists and Priestess Riven herself, the party manages to capture the priestess while the last of the Yuan Ti Escape. Rescuing their friend who was pretty well drugged up, they manage to get her back home safely…however, when they get the priestess to the stockade, by sunrise, she is nothing more than a cobra…the real Priestess is still at large…muahahahaaa….

XP awarded by the Lisa