Traitorous Tourney (Part 1)

Quest Title A Traitorous Tourney (Part 1)

DM Name: Tbg

Aerybeth, level 4 Elven Paladin
Dahlia, Level 8 Human Paladin
Sira, Level 4, LG Fighter, Human
Inara, level 5 human paladin
Silya's Level 5, Knight Human

Each participant had to face their equal (or near enough) in 2 separate combat challenges.

- Sword
- Jousting

- RP

Despite being of near equal challenge rating, the fights and bouts were essentially non-lethal so the experience is a fraction of normal.

Aerybeth - 1040
Dahlia - 520
Sira - 1040
Inara - 950
Silya - 950

Note: NO treasure will be given out at this point. HOWEVER, treasure that should be earned will be rolled over into future parts of this SL.

Quest Summary:
Responding to the call of the crowds, the prospect of a sizable purse or simply for the honor for themselves and Avalon, the heroes made their way to the Coliseum to participate in the Tourney. The city could certainly use the morale boost as it works through the reconstruction. The Tourney proceeded as expected with easily a hundred (and likely more) participants.

The first event was the Sword. Silya, despite her skill suffered for poor luck, just loosing her first match. Inara and Sira did fairly well, each winning by a single stroke. Dahlia did quite well, beating her opponent by 2 stroke. But it was Aerybeth who amazed the crowd the most. Not only did she win, but she was completely untouched!

The second even was the Joust. Here, Aerybeth’s luck and skill deserted her. She lost and was even unhorsed, much to the crowd’s dismay. Dahlia’s match was close, but the female winged warrior overcame her opponent just enough in an extended tiebreaking Joust. Likewise, Sira;s match was also very close, but she came out victorious. Inara’s fight was a bit tougher, neither opponent managing to land a solid hit until Inara emerged victorious with a single hit of the lance. Silya overcame her first performance and trounced her foe without a scratch herself.

While they waited for the next round, several newcomers rode into the Coliseum. There was some mutters and ill looks from the crowd though none of the heroes recognized the figures. A short while later, a page arrived and said his master needed to speak to the heroes. Taking the young fellow at his word, they followed after.

Heading through the passages of the Coliseum, they eventually were led to a small room. There they met a rather prominent figure (though none recognized him) who shared his concerns with them about the newcomers being some dangerous folks of ill repute. He wanted to enlist their aid in helping to save some young nobles who had gone missing.

How? Stay tuned for Part 2…