Trial of Faith Part One

Trial of Faith Part One

DM Name:

Fei Yen Level 8 Warblade

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Test of Faith, death scene
Test of Trust, battle scene
Fire Giant CR 9

Fei Yen 3,125 * Also met requirements for minor item activation.

5,000 gold
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Brass dragon scales (Quest item)

Quest Summary:
Fei Yen Wong died while leaving work, her heart finally failed and she dropped dead in the street. However, Bahamut has plans for her and arranged for a dragon named Slath to be her guide through purgatory where she witnessed her own funeral and then was offered the choice of accepting death or serving Bahamut with a new purpose. Fei chose to live and was thus revived at the moment she should have died.

Several days later she met a young golden dragon named Kai who was assigned his first real mission from Bahamut to look after her and serve as a guardian during her trials. Soon afterwards Fei was teleported to a distant mountain as Bahamut's chosen to do battle against one of Tiamat's chosen. While Kai served as Fei's second, a white dragon Blackguard served as the second for Fei's opponent, a fire giant.

After a savage battle on a snowy mountaintop, Fei somehow managed to defeat the fire giant and completed the first trial. As a reward she was allowed to take the giant's belongings, and the white dragon Blackguard was forced to give up a bag of scales from a dragon that she had killed nearly fifty years earlier.

XP and REP awarded