Trial of Faith Part Two

Trial of Faith Part Two

DM Name:

Fei Yen Level 9 Warblade

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Test of Battle, Blue Slaad CR9
Test of Truth, temptation scene

Fei Yen 2,900 * Becomes Dragonborn

Kai's Heartscale, functions like an armor crystal to grant +1 sacred AC bonus and +1 sacred bonus to resistances

Quest Summary:
Fei Yen Wong has been summoned to her final tests to become a Dragonborn. She is brought to a desert somewhere on Therafim to fight against a Blue Slaad. Upon defeating the Slaad almost effortlessly, Fei was attacked by the Avatar of Tiamat in the form of an ancient black wyrm. Despite Kai's best efforts to protect her, Fei was forced to endure a confrontation with the Avatar as it offered her gifts, power, wealth and revenge. Despite the temptations, Fei refused Tiamat and only the intervention of Bahamut himself and three friendly great wyrms saved her life.

After a questioning by Bahamut, Fei was returned to a special place near Avalon where Kai awaited with her egg of rebirth. Upon meditating for a full day and then sleeping for a day in the egg, Fei was reborn into the world as a Dragonborn. Kai soon left, leaving her with a gift, his Heartscale.

XP and Awarded by Lisa