Tribes Of Matrakal

Note: Each of these tribal groups actually constitutes a number of tribes with similar behaviors and often shared heritage. Only tribes of standard Player Character races are listed, though there are many monstrous humanoid tribes with beastfolk characteristics (such as armand, gnolls, minotaurs, and nycters) that are not listed.

Major Races: Birdfolk; Batfolk.

Government: Tribal Matriarchy.

Tribal Alignment: Neutral Good.

These are the peaceful tribes of the many birdfolk and batfolk that roam the upper reaches of Matrakal, both above and below the surface of the earth. They maintain a safe distance from the other tribes of Matrakal, preferring to live in peace and relative tranquility on their own, living for the joy of flight, and governing themselves without having to endure the demands of others. However, Freewind tribes are also willing to help others with their unique skills of flight, and are often willing to deal and make pacts with those who learn to always give the Freewind tribes their space.

Major Races: Mostly Carnivorous Beastfolk.

Government: Meritocratic Tribal.

Tribal Alignment: Any Chaotic.

Stalker tribes are the rough-and-tumble bands of hunters and sometime-gatherers that make their living following the multitude of prey animals to be found in Matrakal. A tiny number live on the Barrier Glace, primarily bearfolk, snow leopard pantheri, and wolfen, but the vast majority live in Matra's Womb. The good tribes have a rough tribal honor and strong laws of hospitality, as well as a more friendly inner structure that supports and finds a place for all members of the tribe, even those who have grown too old or too sick for hunting or gathering. More neutral Stalker tribes tend to be very animalistic, becoming quite frightening at times in their strange habits, which are so eerily akin to those of their animal relatives. Evil tribes, however, go out of their way to demonstrate their strength and cruelty to others around them, to cow other groups into submission. There is no place for weakness among such savage and cruel Stalkers, and they are known to hunt and devour other sentients. These evil Stalkers are most likely to follow Frenzy, Matra's twisted reflection. It should be noted that one of the most frightening of evil Stalker tribes is actually a tribe of ovida turned carnivorous and cruel in their worship of Frenzy, dyeing their white wool red in the blood of their slain prey.

Major Races: Mostly Herbivorous Beastfolk.

Government: Meritocratic (male)/Geriarchic (female) Tribal.

Tribal Alignment: Any Lawful.

Organized and tight-knit, the Landwalker tribes are primarily gatherers, living off the ample bounty of Matrakal's plant life. These tribes tend to be ordered simply but effectively, and to have firm customs to help them keep their actions from interfering with the balance of nature in their homeland. Those with Good tendencies are often friendly with their neighbors, and are willing to help out with the troubles of others when possible. Neutral-aligned groups tend to keep to themselves, and Evil-aligned Landwalkers might actively raid groups that appear too weak to defend themselves.

Major Races: Aquatic Beastfolk.

Government: Friendly Anarchy

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral.

These are the otterfolk, cetaceanfolk, and pinipedfolk that swim the waters around Matrakal. Skimmers are the only tribes that know the secret underwater passageways that lead from Matra's Womb, past the Barrier Glace, to the ocean. These underwater passageways are known to shift over time, thanks to settling rock and moving ice, and so the Skimmers must retravel them constantly to get the feel for where the passageways will lead. With such abundance in the waters in and around Matrakal, however, Skimmer tribes tend to be fairly lighthearted, and even the most dour of finfeet Skimmers tend not to be actively malicious. Few Skimmers will help outsiders into the Womb of Matra, though there are always some that can be persuaded to do so for the right offering, be that demonstrated long-term friendship or a hefty bribe.

Major Races: Mostly Omnivorous Beastfolk.

Government: Familial Tribal.

Tribal Alignment: Any Neutral.

Scrounger tribes are those that make a living by living off the leftovers of others, and by taking advantage of whatever might come their way. They are at once the most flexible of the tribal types, and also have a strong tendency to either be among the most industrious, inventive, and hard-working, or the most petty, lazy, and destructive, depending on temperament. Good and True Neutral Scroungers tend to be creative as they find the castoffs of other tribes, and fashion them into something more serviceable, or gather up the leavings of different animals and plants, and use them to turn a profit. Evil-aligned Scroungers steal freely, and sabotage what they cannot have. All Scroungers tend to be curious and exploratory, all the better to uncover new potential sources of advantage and better, easier living.