Tribes Of The Firelands

Note: Each of these tribal groups actually constitutes a number of tribes with similar behaviors and often shared heritage. Only tribes of standard Player Character races are listed, though there are many monstrous humanoid tribes that are not listed.

Elephant Tribe
Major Races: Human.

Government: Matriarchal Council.

Tribal Alignment: Neutral.

Description: Taking after the habits of elephants, the seminomadic Elephant tribe has a unique arrangement of its sexes. The men of the tribe have their own solitary lives on the outskirts of the tribe, living largely alone or sometimes working in small groups. Because of the dangers involved in such a way of life, they have many fatalities, keeping the number of men in the tribe fairly limited. On the other hand, the women of the tribe live and work together, and have a communal ownership of the men when they choose to come and live among the women for periods of time. The men of the tribe act as outlying scouts, warning the women in the center of their circle of approaching dangers, as well as bow and spear-using harriers, attacking from a distance, while the women are experts in defensive warfare, using shields and spears to form a very dangerous phalanx, as well as a variety of magic from their tribal shamans (who are all women or very old men).

Timbali Tribe
Major Races: Danali and Equitra.

Government: Shaman and Tribal Chief.

Tribal Alignment: Neutral Good.

Description: Their name means "the people who run," and the Timbali are a mixed group of races, made of the smaller, lighter gazelle and oryx-like danali, the sturdier zebralike equitra, and the tall and fleet-footed giraffelike equitra. At these three levels of height, the smaller Timbali act to gather food for the larger ones, who act as lookouts and defensive fighters against enemies of the tribe. A tribal chief is chosen from one of the smaller members of the Timbali, while a tribal shaman is chosen from one of the larger members of the tribe, though the sex of either chief or shaman is unimportant, and these two work in concert to make plans for the tribe and resolve conflicts.

Pantheri Tribe
Major Races: Pantheri feline beastfolk, other feline beastfolk, humans.

Government: Need-based Meritocracy.

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic (either Good or Evil - varies by tribe).

Description: The Pantheri tribes are composed largely of patheri feline beastfolk, with a few other varieties of feline beastfolk occasionally joining these loose tribal groups, and sometimes even humans who are able to live up to the standards required by the Pantheri tribes. Noted for their independence from all others, Pantheri tribes are skilled hunters, and carefully scout out the areas in which they live, making them especially skilled at ambush and subterfuge in their home terrain. Many of these tribes are composed of ruthless, vicious killers, who will not stop to consider the difference between friend or foe when they feel the bloodlust come upon them, the practice of eating other sentient races a sign of bravery among them. Others, however, are quite friendly, albeit usually a bit energetic and aloof, and are more than happy to help outsiders who prove to be friendly. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between these two groups, however, until it is too late, thanks to the cunning of the pantheri, so it is generally considered wise to treat all Pantheri tribes with caution.

Rabian Tribe
Major Races: Light-breed Equitra and Centaurs.

Government: Hereditary Shieks.

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Description: Based on interbreeding bands of centaurs and equitra, both of them of the lighter breeds similar to the normal horses found in the Firelands, the Rabian tribes are orderly nomads with a strong need for the freedom to roam the veldt of the Firelands. Hospitality is vital to the Rabian tribes, and they are known for being some of the friendliest of tribes to those who show them similar friendship in return, while, when their ire is aroused, they can also be among the most terrible of enemies.