Tribes Of The Serewind Plains

Note: Each of these tribal groups actually constitutes a number of tribes with similar behaviors and often shared heritage. Only tribes of standard Player Character races are listed, though there are many monstrous humanoid tribes that are not listed.

Stone Builders Tribe:

Major Races: Humans and Dwarves.

Government: Tribal Council.

Tribal Alignment: Lawful Good.

Description: These orderly tribes live in and on the mesas of the Anvil Peaks, hewing their houses right out of the sides of the stone itself, punching holes in the sides for windows near the upper areas, until many mesas start to look like tall apartment buildings. These tribes have a highly-developed culture, despite having very little, and were first composed of dwarven exiles who were driven from Crescent by the Mahan (the ancestors of The Syndicate criminal organization) many generations past, who were then joined by humans who liked the peaceful way of life that these dwarves espoused. The Stone Builders make terraced farms carved into the hills at the bases of their mesas, and make a good life with the very little that they draw from the hard land near the Serewind Plains.

Thrugak and Meeshak Tribes
Major Races: Orcs, half-orcs, and porque.

Government: Tribal Chieftan and Shaman.

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral (respectively).

Description: This pair of powerful orc tribes and the smaller tribes that live in their regions roam the Serewind Plains freely, traveling mostly at night, though they have overcome their racial weakness to sunlight through much exposure. The Thrugak tribes of grey orcs are composed of savage raiders who engage in rapine activity whenever possible, and who live from moment to moment. The Meeshak tribes of greenskin orcs, on the other hand, also engage in a little light raiding, to supplement their income and diet, as well as bring some fresh blood into the tribe at times, but largely maintain respectful understanding with other groups that demonstrate strength, and are willing to make and usually keep their promises of peace. Both sorts of tribes have a sizable porque population that has largely interbred with the orc population.

Mestengo Tribes
Major Races: Equitra.

Government: Tribal.

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Description: The Mestengo equitra of the Serewind Plains are a fast-running people used to living on very little, and being happy with what they have. Centering their travels around a series of oases in the Plains, and on rivers running through them, keeping their journeys seasonal so as not to overtax any one area, the Mestengo thrive most on freedom, and it is a glorious sight to see them running across the plains, their manes flying. They are known to be hospitable, but as they have little to share, they are not reliable help to outsiders wanting to make their way across the Serewind Plains, though they can provide very useful information about the lay of the land.

Major Races: Beastfolk (Turos, Danali, Actaeons).

Government: Shamanistic.

Tribal Alignment: Lawful Good.

Description: During the human invasion that eventually led to the downfall of the turos empire on Autumn Land, many turos were commanded by their rulers to travel far away and found a new nation for the turos. These turos did indeed travel far, away from all humans, until they came to Cargando. There, the turos gradually became more savage in appearance, a change similar to the far more savage change that led to the creation of minotaurs. However, this stopped short, as the turos discovered the small, antelope-like danali and deer-like actaeon living in the Serewind Plains. These smaller peoples were frequent prey from larger, more powerful tribes, and from monstrous humanoids, and other terrible creatures, and so the turos devoted themselves to strengthening and defending these weaker peoples, merging the three races into a single set of tribes, and helping to halt the savage degradation of the turos. Most turos in the Tatanka tribes look very similar to bison in their appearance, though there are still many that have more typical bovine appearances. At present, the seminomadic Tatanka tribal groups rely on the actaeons and danali for food gathering and production, and on the turos for protection from the many dangers of the Serewind Plains, and for the majority of hunting. These tribes are directed by turos shamans, who often call on the expertise of skilled individuals in the tribe for specific situational advice.

Wildrunner Elf Tribe
Major Races: Elves.

Government: Tribal.

Tribal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Description: The Wildrunner elven tribes are a break from the normal nobility and goodness found in elves on the rest of Therafim. The elves of the Serewind Plains have been hardened by years of living under the harsh sun, without the protection of their trees to keep them safe. Originally outcasts and exiles from other elven groups, because of terrible crimes, the descendants of these outcasts quickly learned to fight dirty. Wildrunner elves tend to live shorter, brutal lives, compared to other elves, but they are also more fertile. All people who know about Wildrunners know never to trust them, because they break promises at a whim, will turn violent at a moment's notice if they think they can profit from it, and will engage in banditry and raiding as wholeheartedly as any orc.