Tricky Traps

Quest Title: Tricky Traps

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Eve White, 11, Changeling, Wizard/MotAO
Kael, 11, Beastfolk, Cleric
Hussam, 7, Human, Wizard/MasterSpecialist

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Trap: Boulder falls down a ramp while party is hit with hold monster. CR 10
Trap: Desirable item emits Reverse Gravity, ceiling is fairly high up. CR 10
Trap: Spiked walls, floor recedes while an antimagic field is emitted. CR 10
Trap: Roll dice without cheating. (100 XP for not cheating.)

Hussam: 6500 XP
Kael: 2300 XP
Eve: 2300 XP

Hussam: 9000 GP
Kael: 8990 GP
Eve: 8990 GP

Quest Summary:
A mild mannered nobleman hired the party to clear out a recently discovered <and supposedly dangerous> dungeon. No living defenders or golems or undead, but numerous traps! On success, they helped themselves to the treasure, as well as the modest reward offered by the noble.

XP awarded by Lisa