Troll Bridge

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Rhine, level 4 human barbarian
Dahlia, level 2 human paladin
Alisaadi, level 2 human ardent
Belle Hibiki, level 5 humanmonk/ardent
Sy Windpaw, level 1 wolfen rogue
Krugash, level 2 gray orc druid
Telsia, level 4 bunnygirl wizard

2 trolls (CR 5 each, CR 7 total)
Level 5 halfling wizard (CR 5)

For Dahlia, Alisaadi, Sy, and Krugash: 772 xp for each
For Rhine and Telsia: 686 xp for each
For Belle: 643 xp

900 gp for each
1 level 1 spell, and 1 level 2 spell, for Telsia
Rhine's awakening (bought with REP)

Quest Summary:
The party came across a young shepherd boy, crying because he'd forgotten the toll to pay a troll who was guarding a bridge and bleeding the surrounding area dry. The party went in and kicked warty green butt with extreme prejudice (as well as the halfling wizard who had been controlling both trolls), and found a vast sum of stolen treasure, much of it not even from the local area - it was older, and more valuable, and they were allowed to keep it by the shepherding locals, who felt it would cause them problems anyway, to be that rich.