The Tunnel Toll

Tunnel Toll

DM Name:

Kael, Level 2, Beastfolk(Wolven), Cleric
Gram Chandler, Level 2, Beastfolk(mouseling), Rogue/Paladin
Kamarr(Nikolette persona), Level 2, changeling, shadow caster
Hope, Level 2, Avariel, Psychic Rogue
Eve White, Level 2, Changeling, Wizard
Nessa, Level 1, Beastfolk(Wolven), Ranger

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
1, Hellhound, 3
1, Flamebrother Salamander, 3
4, Duergar Warriors, 1

Character Name: Experience
Kael: 500
Gram Chandler: 500
Kamarr(Nikolette persona): 500
Hope: 500
Eve White: 500
Nessa: 500

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Kael 827 gold, Scroll of Remove Disease, Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds, Scroll of resist energy, Scroll of Cat's Grace
Gram Chandler 1011 gold, 1 potion of cure light wounds, 1 dust of tracelessness,
Kamarr(Nikolette persona) 828 gold 1 Masterwork Crossbow, 1 Scroll of Speak with dead
Hope 1011 gold 1 Masterwork Rapier
Eve White 827 gold, Wand of magic missile(10 charges), Wand of Read Magic(10 charges), Wand of Enlarge Person(10 charges), Scroll of Knock
Nessa 1011 gold, 3 potions of cure light wounds, 1 Healer's kit

Treasure items(Can be taken in place of gold, assumed sold for full market price otherwise): Boarskin hat(12gp) Peridot(75) zircon(90) Carved Ivory Statue(90), Red Spinel(150) Coral Saucer(75) Copper Anklet Plated with Silver(195) Deep Green Spinel(150)

Gold Sources:
Toll Loot: 4850 sp 1690gp
Salamander's backpack: 2500 sp, 800gp
Reward from Guard: 150 gold each, 50 of which is a bonus for bringing the duergar back alive.

Magic Items: Dust of tracelessness(250gp), Wand of Read Magic(10 charges, 75gp), Wand of Enlarge Person(10 charges, 150gp), Wand of Magic Missile(10 charges, 150gp), Scroll of Remove Disease(D, 375gp), Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds(D, 150gp), Scroll of resist energy(D, 150gp), Scroll of Speak with Dead(D, 375), Scroll of Cat's Grace(D, 150gp), Scroll of Knock(A, 150gp), Healer's Kit(50gp)

Equipment Sold: 4 Chainmail(100gp each), 2 tower shields(30gp each), 2 warhammers(12gp each), 2 Masterwork Glaives(308gp each)20 bolts(2gp), Spear(2gp), Backpack(2gp).

Quest Summary:
A trade route through the underdark was being blocked by a team of duergar. They were charging a toll to all who wished to pass. The adventurers were hired to clear them out and open the route once more.

Along the way they had the misfortune of running into a hellhand which had killed some indigenous life-form of the underdark and was feasting on its remains. It did not care about them watching it from a distance, but as they got too close for its comfort it attacked. They managed to incapacitate the dog from hell, but its owner, a flamebrother salamander showed up as they were about to finish it off. After a long exchange where neither party could understand what the other was saying that devolved into a lot of pointing and shouting the Salamander grew furious about its inability to get its point across and got into a long battle with the party.

Its hide proved to be very thick, but Eve and Nikolette's magics, and Gram's combat ability managed to fell the creature in the end.

When they finally did make it to the duergar they were rested and back to full health and after attempting to talk the duergar out of their line of work managed to topple them with a well timed spell from eve that knocked them unconscious. They tied them up and brought them back to town, earning a bonus reward from the Avalon Guard.

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