Turncoat Hobgoblin

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Cyroan, level 1 human wizard
Dahlia, level 1 human paladin
Alieena Darkcast, level 2 half-elf witch (wizard)
Kaotaka, level 3 elapi swordsage/barbarian
Silya, level 3 human knight
Asta, level 1 beastfolk swordsage
Liliana, level 1 human psion

5 varags (CR 5 total)

260 xp for each

350 gp for each.

Quest Summary:
The party was hired to protect Threan, a hobgoblin deserter who had decided to go to Avalon City to share what he knew about possible trade routes and patterns of movement among his former people. The party, however, had to battle their way past a squad of varag hunters before they could collect their fee! After the fight, Threan promised that he would owe the party for their efforts to save his life. That debt, however, would have to wait for another time…