Twisted Sister

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Syan Windpaw, level 3 wolfen rogue/fighter
Mordred Alstreim, level 3 sorcerer/cleric
Neysa, level 2 ovida druid

2 small taint elementals (CR 3 each, CR 5 total)
1 level 3 tiefling cleric and 6 human commoner zombies (CR 3 and 1/2 each, CR 5 total)

1,200 xp for each

1,600 gp for each
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds for each, from the good tiefling sister.

Syan took 2 points of Taint damage. The results have been worked out with him.

Quest Summary:
On a routine trip after spending time in Shatterlands, the party was going north to return to Avalon City when they were suddenly caught in a storm of burning hail. Not normal weather at all! Thankfully, they were close to a dry cave. Unfortunately, the cave had a bricked-up section in the back. At first seeming willing to just wait out the storm, the party were shocked as a tiefling girl, naked save for a cloak that kept her from being burned by the hail, almost collapsed totally in the cave. The tiefling began to pound on the back of the cave, until, suddenly, it burst open, releasing two horrible taint elementals that attacked the party! Battling through this, the party discovered that the source of the horrible weather was the tiefling's evil sister, who was using a dark altar to gather dark energies, letting her raise up an undead army…and also causing supernaturally inclement weather patterns. The party waded into deadly combat, and ended the threat once and for all.