Twisted Wood

Quest Title: Twisted Wood

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Neysa, level 1 ovida druid
Octavi, level 2 human druid
Shelindria, level 5 dark elf shadowcaster

Antone, level 1 small canid wizard - Half xp for participation
Liliana, level 2 human psion - half all rewards, for emergency departure

CR 2 entangling thorny vines
CR 1 pit trap
4 manes (CR 1 each, CR 4 total)
Escaping a raging Goristro (CR 4 for fleeing! CR 16 monster)

1,200 xp for Neysa, Octavi, and Shelindria
600 xp for Antone and Liliana

1,650 gp for Neysa, Octavi, and Shelindria
825 for Liliana
Length of carefuly crafted, lightly enchanted cold iron chain (100 gp, for Neysa)
Still-living wooden carving of great beauty, worth 100 gp each (for Shelindria and Octavi)

Quest Summary:
In desperation, a dryad used a powerful tree walk to make her way to Avalon City, there to get the help of adventurers to save her forest, and her younger sister, who had been taken captive by evil cultists. These cultists had sacrificed themselves after binding the captive dryad with cold iron chains to her own tree, trapping her and sealing the forest in darkness, their blood calling up terrible creatures to roam the darkling woods. The party had to make their way through terrible traps, twisting forests, and a constant chase by a terrible gorristro in their efforts to free the dryad, and restore peace and balance to the forest.