Undead Arena

Quest Title: Undead Arena

DM Name: MalcolmWrynn

Kael, 1st, Beastfolk(Wolf/canine), Cleric
Elska, 1st, Beastfolk(Equine), Fighter
Eve_White, 1st, Changeling, Illusionist

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR

1st Encounter: 9 Human Skeletons. <Standard issue from MM, wielding shortswords instead of scimitars>

2nd Encounter: 6 Human Zombies. <Standard issue from MM, unarmed>

3rd Encounter: 1 Owlbear Skeleton. <Standard issue from MM>

Character Name: Experience
Kael: 800 XP
Elska: 800 XP
Eve_White: 800 XP

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Kael: 1350 GP
Elska: 1350 GP
Eve_White: 1350 GP

Quest Summary:
A strange notice was pinned to one of the town boards, asking for adventurers to come to an abandoned slums warehouse. When they arrived, they entered and found it to be much better maintained than it appeared. Inside was a circular chamber with three doors, excluding the one they'd entered from. Each contained undead, which were released in sequence on the party, who fought them off each in turn, though the owlbear nearly killed them. Upon completion, the strange, unseen presence that had drawn them there left them a substantial pile of gold each, thanking them for helping with his 'experiments'…and reminding them that he'd likely contact them again sometime in the future.

XP awarded by the Lisa