Unlikely Lovers

DM: Dallys

Darrion Level 9 Beastfolk Ranger (Forfeited rewards)
Cordelia Level 7 Elven Cleric (Left early, Partial XP, No gold)
Rhine Level 5 Human Barbarian (Forfeited rewards)
Juli, Level 9 Human Barbarian
Catherine, Level 9 Gnomish Swordsage/Psychic Warrior
Yuria, Level 9 Human Psion

2 Ogre Mages (CR 8 each)
3 Black Puddings (CR 7 Each)
1 Young Adult Green Dragon (CR 11)
1 6th Level Hexblade Medusa (CR 10)

XP Awarded
4538 xp for Juli, Catherine and Yuria
2100 xp for Cordelia

Treasure Rewarded
7862 Gold pieces for Juli, Catherine and Yuria


Moving to investigate the complaints of a pair of ogres waylaying merchants along the road, the group encountered two Ogre Mages, through fast-talking they were able to catch them off-guard and dispatch them quickly. Following their trail to an ancient ruin, the party fended off a trio of Black puddings before decending into the lair of a Dragon and his Medusa lover. They attempted to barter for the people the medusa had turned to stone. Rhine even pledging himself to the dragon in exchange for four of them, however this did not sit well with the rest of the party who chose to attack the foul beings anyway. Catherine and Yuria were turned into stone statues, leaving Juli to kill the dragon on her own. Afterwards an Archmage by the name of Viktor Seldrane appeared to challenge the dragon to release his brother, however it was already dead. In thanks he returned Yuria and Catherine to flesh and teleported away, with a good portion of the horde for himself…. dirty wizards.