Vahdin Vokun
Vahdin Vokun
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Aliases: None
Age: 23
Hair: onyx black horns
Eyes: Faintly glowing Emerald Green
Height: 5'7" tall, 5' long tail
Weight: 137
Race: Shadow Izakar
Class: Rogue 1
Alignment: CN
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Hit Points: 9/9
Money Gold:65 Silver:0 Copper:0
Current Status: Active
Played by TiberiumKnight


A unique sight to most, and on a rare occasion accused of being Drow or some such, untill they see her features. She was a picture of elegance, dark elegance, no hair on her head, but nice sweeping horns sliding back along her head, long narrow spines visible as well. Her form stood about 5'7" tall, she was definitively Izakar, although not your conventional Red type. She was crafted from a Shadow Dragon's will. A 5' long tail of shiny, very small, smooth black scales, as with much of her body. A series of wide flat scales along her hips, up her waist to just under the swells of her bosom, they were a duller grey not as shiny. Those belly scales did not seem to meet along her middle looking almost like a corset with a quick glance. Her claws were miniscule, more like human nails save for the slightly narrower tips. Her teeth on the other hand looked almost silvery and were narrow needle like. Her eyes were a brilliant, faintly glowing green. There was also a single long string of spines that went from the back of her head, down her spine to the tip of her tail, thin, translucent grey webbing between each of the spines. A definitive sign of Shadow Dragon heritage. Despite her Heritage, she had a sweet looking face, angular features, and welcoming eyes.