There is a constant need for a variety of dastardly do-badders to fill the needs for heroic PCs for antagonists. Most of these should be built without the intention for them to be fought directly, except perhaps at the end of a series or story.

Alternatively, villainous roles might be established instead, such as "wicked witch of the woods," or "frost giant raider," or "hogoblin war captain," or something similar. These would be fairly easy to simply modify slightly for use by any DMs that might need something fast.

Of course, if a villain is especially good, in the creator's opinion, that NPC might be posted on the NPC Wikia Page for use by others outside of Therafim.

Listing of Villains - Put your links below

Bloody Jack

Dendar The Night Serpent

Kiseichuu Yuurei

Meninges The Mind Bender

Rahab The Red Tide