Visage Of The Deity

Transmutation [Evil or Good]
Level: Cleric 6, Mysticism 6

This spell functions like visage of the deity, lesser, except that you take on many qualities of a celestial or fiendish creature, as follows.
• You take on a shining, metallic appearance (for good clerics) or a more fearsome appearance (for evil clerics).
• You gain the ability to smite evil (for good clerics) or good (for evil clerics) once a day. Add your Charisma modifi er to your attack roll and your character level to your damage roll against a foe of the appropriate alignment.
• You gain darkvision out to 60 feet.
• You gain resistance to acid 20, cold 20, and electricity 20 (for good clerics) or resistance to cold 20 and fire 20 (for evil clerics).
• You gain damage reduction 10/magic.
• You gain spell resistance 20. Your creature type does not change (you do not become an outsider).