Vivian Jones
Vivian Jones
"Flint Lock Glock" - Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew
"The Wrong Side" - Abney Park
Aliases: "Sparks" , "Black Rabbit"
Age: 20
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Acid Green
Height: 5'8
Weight: Enough
Alignment: CN
Deity: Pit
Race: Light-Lost Human
Class: Psychic Rogue 1
Level: 1
Experience: 450
Gold: 809
Hit Points: 7
Skill Points: 44
Initiative: +4
Base Attack: +1
Grapple: +1
Current Status: Active
Played by Sawbones


  • Little Girl Lost
    • Exp: 450
    • Gold: 600
    • Misc:
      • Masterwork Light Armor
        • This armor was taken from the gnolls.


Vivian has a shock of long auburn hair that always seems to be singed in places; it whips around her neck and shoulders like a dark flame, constantly in an unending state of 'tousled'. Her acid-green eyes are framed by a high-boned, angular face and full lips are usually tilted into a rosy, lopsided smirk. A smooth, light complexion is matched with ruddy cheeks and a cheerful personality. She often wears practical clothing such as grease-stained overalls and thick tunics, things that can't seem to fully hide her curvy physique and other sundry attributes.


One look at Vivian's grinning mug is all it takes for most people to realize the woman practically -screams- heartbreak and trouble; the grease-covered, overall wearing woman with the dark auburn hair and eyes like a jade flame seems wild and outgoing enough to outstrip a whole horde of drunken beastfolk at a party. A disarming smile, a charming tilt of a ruddy brow, a quick flick of the wrist and some poor drunken sod at the bar left penniless and grinning are the usual signs of her presence and passing…who could guess the girl came from dark and lonely places?

Problem was I got antsy living in that village. I wanted to make my way elsewhere, and so carted my happy ass to the big city on the first merchant caravan out of there. So now I'm here, in your town, stealing your money and the hearts of your sons and daughters. Look out, Avalon.


Vivian carries herself with an air of confident ease; she is great for throwing around disarming smiles and offering an encouraging smile and a garrulous (if somewhat saucy) joke to anybody who seems somewhat under the weather. Not only that, but this lady is -smart- and not at all abashed about showing that….she doesn't use it as a weapon to make others feel inferior, but she does tend to get lost when she speaks of various theorems and experiments. There are times when the whirlwind that is Vivian calms and people can see a deeper, more serious side to the woman; these times are rare however, and often individuals must work very hard to be allowed the privilege of seeing her in this state.