Vixen Trade

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Loki, level 3 ravenfolk beguiler
Jack, level 5 offworld human scout/monk
Razorfang, level 4 coyotekin sorcerer
Lilac, level 3 foxkin psion
Thanatos, level 1 human warlock

negotiating for information and horses with ratkin slave master (CR 2, -100 gp from Razorfang)
4 lionfolk lioness guards (level 1 fighters, CR 4)
Large Animated Object - guardian gear gnome (CR 3)
1 lionfolk wizard/1 zebrafolk fighter, both level 3, CR 5 total)

Thanatos, Loki, and Lilac: 930 xp for each
Razorfang: 840 xp
Jack: 750 xp

- 1,290 gp for each
- 4 lionesses, 1 lion, 1 zebra, and 1 female gear gnome - all no longer servicable in battle after the fight, but usable for roleplaying purposes. Can also be sold at half price according to the rules found here: - assume the stats of the slaves even out to the equivalent of 19 each. Their levels remain a source of profit, however.

Quest Summary:
Recently, many pubescent kits were kittnapped from the streets of Avalon City. McDonnel leader of the Avalon City Pack, called in Lilac and Razorfang, who then called upon some of their friends, to go and track the kits down. Starting at the slave market of Avalon City, they talked their way through a rat slavemaster who, after some bribery and fancy words (and lewd promises) offered told them of a band of simbani (lionfolk) who had carried off a covered wagon just that morning. He heard whimpering inside the wagon. Following the tracks of the wagon, the party soon discovered the lion wizard, his zebra bodyguard, and four lioness guards, as well as his clockwork gear gnome (a female model). Handily defeating these threats, the party freed the poor foxlings, many of whom were quite eager and willing to repay their saviors.