Volcano Worshiping Lizards

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Cecilia, level 4 human wizard
Az Ur, level 4 changeling druid
Faithen Da'Rou, level 3 outworlder human fighter
Layla, level 4 changeling wizard
Razorfang, level 4 coyote beastfolk sorcerer
Dhaval, level 1 bearfolk barbarian

4 Poisondusk lizardfolk (CR 1 each, CR 4 total)
CR 3 total spiked log trap and acid-dripping vine traps
6 Poisondusk lizardfolk (CR 1 each, CR 6 total)
2 Poisondusk lizardfolk lieutenants (level 4 rangers, CR 6 total)

Dhaval and Faithen: 1,275 xp for each
Cecilia, Az Ur, Layla, and Razorfang: 1,134 xp for each


  • 1,525 gp for each in the form of coral carvings and other lutrai jewelry, and also large chunks of obsidian and quartz from the lizardfolk village.

Pick one of the following within your magic item limitation and note it on the Discussion page for this quest:

  • Aberrant Sphere: 2,800 gp value, Magic item Compendium pg. 149 - An ancient ball the lutrai fished up from the depths. It looks like a petrified nautilus, about the size of a softball. Those who look into its stony eyes see strange and horrific visions.
  • A selection of 6 of the following potions or oils, all 50 gp: Magic Weapon, Jump, Mage Armor, Cure Light Wounds.
  • Bloodbone Longbow: 2,800 gp value, a +1 magical composite mighty longbow that allows the use of a +4 strength bonus. This bow is made out of what appears to be red bone, and it moans softly with each life it takes.
  • Pearl of Power, 1st-level spell: 1,000 gp value. A single, perfect blue pearl stolen by the kobolds from the lutrai; they offer it to you as a gift.
  • Phylactery of Faithfulness: 1,000 gp value. A small black orb of obsidian with a sharkskin thong to hold it to the head.

Quest Summary:
Well…darn. The party was traveling on a small ship that was hoping to slip through before the winter storms hit. The captain, however, miscalculated, and the ship ended up stranded on a distant jungle island. After an attack by lizardfolk, the party decided to follow the beating of drums in the jungle to find their assailants, and deal with the problem. They discovered that the lizardfolk were Garyx worshipers who wanted to sacrifice people to their volcano god so as to encourage the end of the world to come sooner. The party slew the poisondusk lizardfolk with bloody slaughter, and discovered their otterfolk captives, saving them and earning their gratitude, as well as some sweet loot. Oh, and all the otterfolk tail they could want, as the lutrai are noted hedonists, and verygrateful.

Xp awarded by Lisa