We could go into the circus business with quests like this

We could go into the circus business with quests like this.

DM Name:

Name, Level, Race, Class
Lord Stanford Mordeval, Level 1, Changeling, Sorcerer
Liliana Raventide, Level 4, Human, Psion
Kael, Level 3, Beastfolk Wolf, Cleric
Yae Saryu, Level 3, Human, Warblade
Conall, Level 2, Human (Offworlder), Bard

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
1, Fiendish Dire Bat, Cr 3
1, Half Dragon Brown Bear, Cr 4
1, Giant Alligator, Cr 4

Character Name: Experience
Name, Level, Race, Class
Lord Stanford Mordeval: 720
Liliana Raventide: 640
Kael: 720
Yae Saryu: 720
Conall: 720

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Lord Stanford Mordeval: 1151.8 gold
Liliana Raventide: 1126.8 gold, potion of cure light wounds
Kael: 901.8 gold, Restful crystal
Yae Saryu: 997.8 gold, Masterwork Kukri
Conall: 984.3 gold, Masterwork Light Crossbow

Raw gold: 4950
Items that were Sold: Masterwork Chainshirt(125gold), Masterwork Dastana(87.5 gold)

Quest Summary:
A small town between Avalon and Rossland was having a little trouble. An exotic animal trainer had been passing through when one of his animals turned on him and killed him. Three of the creatures escaped in the process and were plaguing the villagers.

They took care of the Fiendish dire bat first. It had been hiding out in one of the barns during the day and killing livestock at night. They managed to catch it while it was asleep, and with a well timed particularly felling hit from Kael's magiced weapon they defeated the creature.

After resting up, they moved into the woods outside of town to hunt the half red dragon brown bear that had been munching on the villagers refuse and lighting things, including part of the forest, ablaze. Liliana's powerful mental assault was able to overcome the creature with ease and dropped it without too much trouble.

Feeling confidant after dealing with the dragon bear, they moved to the pond the giant alligator had moved into. The villagers liked to go there and fish from time to time and the alligator was quickly depopulating the pond. Perhaps a bit overconfident as the Alligator was not making any move to leave the water Kael wandered a bit too close. The Huge Gator was able to lunge out of the water and grab hold of him. Kael tried to ready himself after this surprise attack but was too shocked to get himself in order before it bit him again and dropped the cleric unconscious.

Luckily for Kael Liliana's psionic assault had been continuing to crush the gator steadily and with a little help from Yae, Collan and Lord Stanford they were able to drive it away before it could turn the wolven cleric into an easy meal and finish it off as it tried to flee.