Therafim is a roleplaying game world that makes use of a home-brewed fantasy D20 system. When in doubt, consult the Roleplaying Game Manifesto. The Therafim game setting itself is (c) copyrighted Gideon Kalve Jarvis.

Introduction to Therafim

Welcome to a world of adventure!

Enter a world populated by a vast host of diverse creatures, where humans are the youngest race among hundreds. Dwarves, elves, foxkin, the goblin hordes, orcs, turos and many more races populate this world. Their interactions are complex and seldom peaceful, for the Morrigan, goddess of conflict, has been the mistress of Therafim's fate since its creation as a site for the conflicts of the gods in forgotten eons past.

From the gemstone-studded depths of the Underdark to the heights of the Granite Mountains, Therafim is a realm of great beauty and great danger. Most of the sentient inhabitants of Therafim make their living as best as they can, surviving in the ways of their ancestors, resisting the forces of entropy and hostile nature, and often getting embroiled in conflict after conflict as battles between peoples and nations arise.

Into this world come the strange class of people known as adventurers. Chosen by destiny, adventurers are the greatest agents of change on Therafim. You, taking the roles of these figures of immense potential, are given the chance to shape the world in your image…or to die in glorious conflict in the process.

Facing hosts of deadly foes from all sides of Therafim, adventure and great wealth await all who have the courage to reach out and grasp it. As a shining jewel in the realms of reality, filled with magic and great treasures, Therafim is coveted by dark powers on all sides who seek to claim this world and all its immensity for their own. Thus it is that the fate of the world rests in your hands.

What will you make of Therafim?

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Get Started Guide - Go here first!

Channel List - All the channels officially used by the Therafim RPG.

House Rules - The rules you should know if you want to play here.

Setting Information - Information on the World of Therafim.

Character Information - All the basic information for building a character in Therafim.

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The D20 SRD - For those who forget their books.

The Pathfinder OGC - For the system we sometimes use as well. Pathfinder material, however, is considered secondary to what is found in the D20 SRD, which is the source of the majority of Therafim's rules at present.