Wetbeard's Treasure

Wetbeard's Treasure

DM Name: King_Jack (RedbearDM)

Abby: Halfling, Psion 5, Crystal Master 1
Echo: Human, Fighter 2, Warblade 2
Jereck: Elf Abomination, wizard 2 Cleric 3
Sira: Human, Fighter 4
Stray: Human, Cleric 5

8 Bugbear zombi pirates
Crab Gauth(slightly enhanced)
RP and Problem Solving

Experience Gained
Abby: 1,500
Echo: 1,480
Jereck: 1,550
Sira: 1,700
Stray: 1,550

Treasure Awarded!
Abby: Ring of Pure Precision(custom) "Once per day you may treat a ranged attack/spell/power as a ranged Touch attack. If used on an attack/power/spell you already treat as a ranged touch attack, you may treat it as an automatic hit.

Echo:Elemental Gem(Blue-Green) DMG pg255

Jereck: Diamondskin Decanter MiCpg156

Sira: Gauntlets of Throwing. MiC pg104

Stray: Ring of Arming MiC pg122

Quest Summary!

Four very personal letters are delivered to four "special" friends of Mistress Butter-Bottom and read aloud in public by her foppish man-candy messenger. The letters, laden thick with innuendo and intimate nuance detail the future treasure hunt of a Captain Wetbeard, and give directions. Eager for a high seas adventure, and the chance for lost booty, the four take the proffered coach on the three week journey to Harbor Town, where the Captain's ship, The Leaky Bucket, makes ready to depart.

Enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of the seaport Harbor Town, the party takes time to rough up local, gather information about the mysterious Captain Wetbeard, and get fleeced by a local merchant of dubious and shoddy "good luck" charms. The heroes then made their way to the docks, and attempted to board the black ship without permission. They were instantly shouted down and chastened by the flamboyant dwarf Captain who had been laying in wait. Welcomed aboard the group quickly agreed to obey the Captain without question and were verbally contracted as members of his crew. Told of the lost treasure of Lonely Isle, and its mysterious guardian, the "Occulari Din Diab"

After three days sailing the group of honorary "marines of the leaky bucket" made their way via longboat to the Lonely Isle. As they sailed the boat with the help of Reddick the boatman, they were attacked and nearly devoured by an enormous sea beast! As things looked hopeless a second, even larger beast rose from the depths to make a meal of the first! Making landfall, the party donned their armor and were attacked ere they had even stepped from the surf. One of the many dead pirate crews that had fallen to the Isle's curse, the Bugbear Zombi horde rose and joined in fantastic battle with the heroes. As the battle raged on, a glowing portal erupted into being on the beach and a new hero joined the fray, sent by outside forces who sought the treasure for their own.

Triumphing over the Zombi, the group of treasure-hunters fled the beach as a cursed storm rolled in, bringing with it a legion of corpses washed in on the towering waves. Fleeing into the jungle they soon found shelter in a small cave near a freshwater stream. That night, they slept fitfully, none safe or warm. Afraid of the maelstrom outside and the evil that lurked. In the morn, the group left their temporary shelter, stiff and weary still, and made their way to the island's core. A broad low crater filled with soft black sand. At the center, an overflowing chest of coin, gem, and precious items!

The party cautiously approached, paranoid and fearful, until in unexpected surprise the Guardian burst from the chest of treasure and attacked! Firing eyebeam after eyebeam of potent magical power, the Occulari Din Diab floated in the air above the chest, gnashing its chitinous mandibles and drooling for its first taste of their flesh. For a moment, the group seemed lost as their new companion slumbered under a magical curse, another companion was drained of energy and stunned by the beasts central aberrant eye, and a third was paralyzed by a cruel ray from one of its many eyes. With an incredible display of psionic power, the paralyzed halfling slammed home a titanic bolt of pure mental power, and broke the Guardians mind!

Gathering the treasure, the successful treasure hunters returned to the beach to find the boatman had returned, and eagerly awaited them as a curse-storm of maelstrom proportions was brewing in a last-ditch effort to retain their fairly won prize. As the storm began to blow and crimson lightning slashed across the sky, the tiny boat was cast off and began its mad dash for the safety of the black ship anchored just past the treacherous reefs and wrecked ships just under the waters foaming, rain-beaten surface. As they made their way again a leviathan of the depths attacked. The giant moray eels jaws smashing their boat to tinder and scrap beneath them in one mammoth chomp.

Luckily, warned of the imminent attack by the swelling and bubbling of the water, Stray called upon her god-gifted spellcraft and cast an enchantment on the party just in time to save them, and more importantly, the booty they had fought hard to win. With difficulty, the water walking and one swimming buccaneers made their way to the ships side and the long thick netting held there by the sailors above. Rescued finally from their peril-filled journey, the heroes collapsed on the deck. Wet, weary, sore and safe.

On the journey home, they party is given a rude awakening and marched above deck into the bright, stinging sunshine, and a legion of sailors ringing them about with harpoons, spears, and crossbows. On the bridge-deck above the cruel Captain Wetbeard appears, furious and full of wrath the Pirate Lord accuses them of thievery! For having broken the code, they are to be banished from the ship, still a day from port! In ironic mercy, they are each allowed an valuable item, or a bag of coin taken from the treasure, before being abandoned to the merciless blue sea.

Choosing an item of value, the party is unceremoniously forced overboard to tread water, and wonder at their misfortune in seeming to stir the ire of the charismatic but volatile Captain. Soon their confusion increases as one of the ships longboats drifts back to them. full of gifts, and bearing a vulgar missive. The letter revealing that Wetbeard had in fact exploited the minutiae of the law of the sea to fleece them of a greater share of the treasure, and congratulating them on a job well done! The friendly, if backhanded invitation to sale with him again was of melancholy comfort to the party, save those with black humor as they sailed the tiny longboat back to port, and from there made the long journey home.